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Minimum Delivery Order to Lathrup Village, MI is currently $20, with a $4.95 delivery fee. Cash only. Online ordering for delivery in Lathrup Village, MI opens at 7AM!

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Cannabis Delivery in Lathrup Village, MI

Breeze is your premier choice for recreational cannabis delivery in Lathrup Village, MI. Order from us today and discover how getting quality cannabis is a breeze.

Recreational Cannabis Delivery

Whether you are a resident of Lathrup Village or simply spending some time here, there are many great attractions to enjoy. With a popular of around 4,100, the city in Oakland County is home to an impressive array of restaurants, shops, and bars. The Lathrup Village Historic District, in particular, is full of charm and places of interest.

With so much to see and do, spending time driving around to get recreational marijuana shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities in Lathrup Village. With Breeze, you can simplify the process of getting cannabis, with quick and convenient delivery.

How to Order

To get your hands on recreational cannabis in Lathrup Village MI, just follow these simple steps. Firstly, place your order using the Order Now page.

Please note that the person making the order must be present and over the age of 21 (with a valid government-issued ID) at the time of delivery. You will need to upload a clear and complete photo of your valid ID when placing your order.

Next, you will receive a text message confirming your order was received and when the driver has started their route/is approaching the delivery location.

At the time of delivery, simply meet the driver at your door and provide your valid ID. You can pay using either cash or a debit card. It’s that simple!

Recreational Marijuana in Lathrup Village, MI

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