Goldkine was founded by lifelong friends who have long strived to become recognized as some of Michigan’s best cannabis growers. With each person offering diverse skill sets, their goal is to put their collective energy and talents behind the Goldkine brand. As they bring their cannabis to market, they will match their quality products with reliable service. This multi-tiered blend of product differentiation and operational efficiency will sustain Goldkine far into the future. Goldkine’s product offerings are focused exclusively on top-shelf flowers. Their genetic catalog consists of strains that were bred specifically for indoor cultivation. After harvest, they pay careful attention to the drying and curing process to ensure they preserve delicate terpene profiles. Finally, they follow carefully choreographed harvest schedules to ensure their customers always have Goldkine products on hand. This careful balance of quality and reliability will help expand the teams footprint to provisioning centers throughout Michigan.
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