Detroit Infused Pre-Rolls – The Top 5 To Try First!

Like everything in the cannabis industry, pre-rolls are continually evolving. From king-size, to mini-size, to single packs, to multi-packs…  Now even infused versions have hit the shelves. At Breeze, we get it. It can be hard for the average consumer to keep up with all the trends. That’s why we’re continually educating our customers to […]

The Top 5 8th by White Boy Rick Flower Strains to Try at Breeze!

the 8th by white boy rick

White Boy Rick. A legend once known only by native Metro Detroiters. Now, the story is known across the globe thanks to the 2017 feature film, White Boy. Regardless of how you know him, it’s time to get to know what he’s up to now – legal weed.  Today, White Boy Rick is using his […]

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