Detroit Infused Pre-Rolls – The Top 5 To Try First!

Like everything in the cannabis industry, pre-rolls are continually evolving. From king-size, to mini-size, to single packs, to multi-packs…  Now even infused versions have hit the shelves. At Breeze, we get it. It can be hard for the average consumer to keep up with all the trends. That’s why we’re continually educating our customers to help them choose the best products that will work best for their unique desires and lifestyles.


With that said… are you here to learn about Detroit infused pre rolls? Then you’re in the right place! Keep reading for the Breeze team’s picks for the best infused pre rolls to try, and the brands you can turn to for an elevated infused pre roll experience! 


What is an Infused Pre-Roll?


With infused pre-rolls, cannabis consumers can get the best of both worlds – flower and concentrates! More technically, infused pre rolls refer to a pre roll cone or joint that’s been infused with a type of concentrate. The type of concentrate used is often hash, shatter, wax, live resin, rosin, or distillate to add a punch of potency to the typical pre roll sesh. 


To put it in perspective, regular pre-rolls typically contain 15-25% THC, while infused pre rolls will contain anywhere from 25-40%+ THC. Of course, not all infused pre rolls can be treated equally. It takes a certain level of mastery to combine concentrates and flower in a pre-roll that produces a smooth, even burn. 


So, if you’re looking for a quality Detroit infused pre roll to try, keep reading for our favorite infused pre roll brands to turn to. 


The Top 5 Detroit Infused Pre-Roll Brands 


Now, let’s get into the good stuff with Breeze’s picks for the best 5 Detroit infused pre roll brands to add to your “must try” list. 




If you’re seeking out a top-shelf experience, you can always rely on the Michigan brand, Element! The extract brand has recently expanded into edibles (try their Dream Caramels and Pot Dots!) and now infused pre-rolls, with exclusive cultivator collaborations. Each pre roll is made with the brand’s premium live resin, so check out our current faves for summer, like Koffee Roasted Haze X Maui Wowie or Apple Tart x Candied Lemons. 




Another brand you can always count on is Forte, which offers high quality flower in infused pre-rolls that even come in handy and cost-effective 3-packs, or 1-packs. Made au naturel, each pre-roll is infused with bubble hash, a process that uses only water for extraction. Our favorite strains to start off with are Brain Freeze, Watermelon Mint, and Glazed Donut


North Coast 


A second Pure Michigan brand we love, especially for infused pre rolls, is North Coast Extracts. Also featuring cultivator collaborations, if you’re looking for exotic genetics, then North Coast is definitely the brand for you to check out first. Even more, each pre roll is equipped with a glass tip, to elevate your experience that much more! A few of our favorites include North Coast x KAI Strawberry EmergenC Donut and North Coast x Doghouse Kiwi Freeze Donut.


Pistil Janes


We can’t highlight infused pre-rolls without highlighting woman-owned Pistil Janes, and their collection of premium cones. Each Pistil Jane infused pre roll is made with full melt bubble hash, offering consumers a smooth and potent sesh. Following the brand’s “Empress”, “Goddess”, and “Temptress” classifications for indica, sativa, and hybrid effects, you’ll know just what to expect from its pre-rolls, like the flavor forward Tiki Creamsicle, or Rainbow Runtz




Last but not least, is another homegrown Michigan-owned cannabis brand, TreeTown! Featuring some of the most potent infused pre-rolls on our shelves, we love TreeTown for their unique strain combinations and smooth, flavorful puffs that come infused with premium live resin. A few of our faves include Punch Cake x Pastries (featuring a whopping 40.2% THC) and Wedding Cake x Peanut Butter Breath


Find Detroit Infused Pre-Rolls at Breeze


Like infused pre rolls, not every cannabis retail store can be treated equally. That’s why at Breeze, we pride ourselves on having the widest selection of brands and products to serve as many Michigan cannabis consumers as possible! That’s because – we all have our own unique desires and preferences when it comes to plant wellness routines. 


So, make Breeze your go-to stop for all things cannabis! Including the best infused pre-rolls in the State. Shop these brands,and more,online or in-person at Breeze. Where you can conveniently place an order online for pick-up, delivery, or meet our helpful team by getting directions to our storefront, now!


Want even more education to enhance your healing? Check out Breeze’s blog for more product recommendations, guides, and more. 

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