The Top 5 8th by White Boy Rick Flower Strains to Try at Breeze!

the 8th by white boy rick

White Boy Rick. A legend once known only by native Metro Detroiters. Now, the story is known across the globe thanks to the 2017 feature film, White Boy. Regardless of how you know him, it’s time to get to know what he’s up to now – legal weed. 


Today, White Boy Rick is using his namesake to join the legal cannabis industry here in his hometown of Detroit. Taking the Michigan cannabis community by storm with his brand “The 8th By White Boy Rick,” which pays homage to where he came from with handcuffs in its logo. 


So, why should you become familiar with The 8th by White Boy Rick’s cannabis products, and where can you find them in Metro Detroit? We’ve got all the information you need in this ultimate guide! Keep reading to learn more about The 8th by White Boy Rick, and the Breeze team’s top 5 favorite strains to try first. 


The 8th By White Boy Rick: The Full Story 


If you don’t know the story – White Boy Rick, aka Rick Wershe Jr, was groomed to be an FBI informant, helping to capture some of the biggest dealers in Detroit, in the midst of a crack epidemic. After being let go by the FBI, Rick was caught up in the drug game and eventually sentenced to 30 years thanks to the 1978 “650 Lifer Law,”. 


A law that sentenced anyone found with over 650 grams of heroin or cocaine to life without parole and was responsible for Rick becoming one of the nation’s longest-serving non-violent juvenile drug offenders.


Free now, The 8th by White Boy Rick has one mission: to fight for community and prison reform and especially help those negatively affected by the War on Drugs – just like Rick. To do so, his brand is producing some of the most highly acclaimed flower, in addition to a new line of vape carts and edibles, too. So, what strains should you start with first? 


Catch our list of our favorite 5 The 8th by White Boy Rick flower strains to begin with, next! 


The 8th By White Boy Rick – Top 5 Flower Strains To Try

Without further ado, experience The 8th By White Boy Rick to the fullest with our team’s top 5 favorite flower strains to try first. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick Animal Tree


Answer the call of the wild with the pungent and potent Animal Tree. The rare hybrid averages at 25% THC, so beginner’s beware and take it slow to enjoy the strain’s euphoric buzz that stimulates creativity. It offers consumers a classic diesel aroma with a hint of sour citrus. With every puff, you’ll feel that much lighter with its uplifting effects and bright flavors. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick Runtz


What can we say, we love Runtz no matter the cultivator…but The 8th by White Boy Rick does it better than the rest! The strain is a cross of Gelato x Zkittlez, hence why it’s known for its candy-like aroma and flavors. You’ll open the bag and be treated to a strong whiff of sweetness, which translates into a smoke that’s just as smooth. Effects wise, it’s uplifting for the mood with a euphoric buzz. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick Don Mega


A criminal reference? How could The 8th by White Boy Rick not? The Don Mega strain is a rare indica dominant hybrid that’s ideal for all day use. A stunner for seshes or consumers who appreciate funky aromas, the strain bursts with scents of garlic that have a hint of skunkiness. After a few puffs, you’ll enjoy a perfectly balanced high that is mentally stimulating while relaxing the body. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick White Truffle – Pre-Roll 


Treat yourself to a gourmet pre-roll with The 8th by White Boy Rick’s White Truffle. The indica dominant hybrid is well-known for its fast-acting high, which eases your mind of everyday stresses and worries. The overall buzz is tranquil, and calming, and it is one of our favorites to choose in the evening to completely relax. As for aroma, it’ll keep you guessing with earthy and almost savory scents that leave a slightly skunky taste on the tongue. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick Apples & Bananas – Pre-Roll


Who remembers the Apples and Bananas song from your childhood? Elevate that same uplifting feeling, with the mature buzz provided by The 8th by White Boy Rick’s Apples & Bananas pre-roll. The well-balanced hybrid strain is rich in fruity flavors, and offers an invigorated buzz that’s uplifting for the mood, with a slightly giddy feeling. 


Find The 8th by White Boy Rick at Breeze 


Now that you know more about The 8th by White Boy Rick, the brand, and the flower… It’s time to lock in your own. When you’re looking for the best brands and the widest selection of strains, you can always count on the Breeze. Our mission? To simplify your wellness routines, by offering convenient online ordering for pick-up, delivery in select areas, and in-store experiences with our helpful team. 


Get even more familiar with The 8th by White Boy Rick, and start shopping our shelves now! Stay tuned for even more product recommendations, in-store promotions, and more. Sign up for Club Breeze rewards and get insider information delivered directly to your inbox. 

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