The Top 5 Best Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposables to Try in Metro Detroit

It’s not just the name we love, but the sweet, pure convenience of Breeze Canna, now even more pure than ever before. Today, Breeze has successfully transitioned from traditional vapes to the Canna-verse and is now launching their own live resin collection too! So, what’s the big difference between Breeze Classic and Live Resin? We’re […]

The Top 5 Best LOCO Infused Pre-Rolls to Try in Metro Detroit

Infused pre-rolls are the latest and greatest cannabis trend that’s helping consumers reach all new heights. That’s because the pre-roll cones are infused with highly potent cannabis concentrates. Of course, not all infused pre-rolls in Metro Detroit can be treated equally. From the type of flower to the type of extract, even the type of […]