The Top 5 Best LOCO Infused Pre-Rolls to Try in Metro Detroit

Infused pre-rolls are the latest and greatest cannabis trend that’s helping consumers reach all new heights. That’s because the pre-roll cones are infused with highly potent cannabis concentrates. Of course, not all infused pre-rolls in Metro Detroit can be treated equally. From the type of flower to the type of extract, even the type of paper and rolling technique used can affect the consumer experience. 


Because infused pre-rolls cost more than your average joint, it helps to know what to shop for or what brands have the best reputation. One of our favorites here at BREEZE? We go loco for LOCO. The brand that asks consumers to “Smoke the Rainbow!”.


Want to know our favorite LOCO infused pre-roll to try first? Keep reading for our complete LOCO infused pre-roll reviews and our top 5 favorites. 


The Top 5 LOCO Infused Pre-Rolls to Try in Metro Detroit 


Without further ado, let’s get into the BREEZE team’s top 5 LOCO infused pre-rolls to try right here in Metro Detroit. Before we get going, let us say – all LOCO infused pre-rolls no matter the strain, smoke smooth with an even burn. 


LOCO Infused Pre-Roll Berry Gelato


If you love the tart and sweet taste of berries and a nightcap to your evenings, then this deliciously flavored LOCO infused pre-roll in Berry Gelato is for you! The indica dominant hybrid will soothe the body and mind of everyday aches, pains, and stresses as you enjoy the robust flavor of berries and sweet hints of vanilla, too. 


LOCO Infused Pre-Roll Sour Tangie


On the flip side, sometimes you need a little afternoon pep in your step. In that case, the LOCO infused pre-roll in Sour Tangie are a great go-to for just you, or you and your crew! Representing the “orange” of LOCO’s rainbow, these pre-rolls burst with invigorating and fresh citrus tastes of lemon and orange. The sativa dominant hybrid also provides a burst of energy with a heady buzz that can help you focus and stay motivated for everyday tasks. 


LOCO Infused Pre-Roll Grape Ape


One of our favorite purple strains, for its effects and taste, is none other than Grape Ape, and LOCO does it right with its infused pre-roll edition. Already a strain high in THC, this pre-roll is  even more potent, being infused with pure extract and averaging around 33% THC per joint. With one puff, you’ll taste the rich flavor of grapes and berries and feel your body melt with the strain’s optimally relaxing buzz. 


LOCO Infused Pre-Roll Forbidden Fruit


Who doesn’t love a good mixed fruit or fruit punch? Mix all your favorite fruits and taste the “rainbow” all at once with LOCO’s infused pre-roll in Forbidden Fruit. This craveworthy strain is a cross of Cherry Pie x Tangie (can you say yum!) and offers consumers a full-bodied flavor of sweet lemons, berries, and a hint of pine. Just as exhilarating are the strain’s effects, which are highly euphoric and boost the mood while relaxing the body and mind. A hybrid that is good for day or night, as long as you can handle the 36%+ THC! 


LOCO Infused Pre-Roll Watermelon Zkittles


Last but not least, are the smooth and sweet flavors and effects of Watermelon Zkittles. This is one of our team’s favorite LOCO infused pre-rolls to get a taste of summer, all-year long, with its light, citrus, earthy, and fruity profile. The indica dominant hybrid is heavy in potency, clocking in around 34% and has effects that are perfect for a night-in of Netflix and chill’in. As you put the pre-roll out you’ll feel pleasantly giddy with its euphoric head high that’ll leave you in a deeply relaxed state in no time. 


LOCO Infused Pre-Rolls at BREEZE


From infused pre-rolls to fast-acting edibles, we’ve got all the trends here at BREEZE. It’s our mission to offer the Michigan cannabis community all the classic staples and the most innovative products to hit the shelves. With online shopping, pickup options, and delivery – we make it a breeze to keep up with your plant wellness routines. 


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