The Top 5 Best Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposables to Try in Metro Detroit

It’s not just the name we love, but the sweet, pure convenience of Breeze Canna, now even more pure than ever before. Today, Breeze has successfully transitioned from traditional vapes to the Canna-verse and is now launching their own live resin collection too! So, what’s the big difference between Breeze Classic and Live Resin? 


We’re breaking down everything you need to know with our ultimate guide to Breeze Canna Live Resin. Keep reading for an in-depth Breeze Canna live resin review and the Breeze team’s top 5 picks for flavors to try first. 


Breeze Canna vs Breeze Live Resin – The Big Difference


Breeze Canna has one line of traditional flavors, including favorites like Cherry Lemon Mango and Watermelon Wave. Now, they also have Breeze Canna Live Resin vapes featuring live resin versus traditional distillate. What’s the difference? If you’re unfamiliar with live resin, here’s the reason why it tends to command a higher price and offer higher quality. 


Live resin extract is made from flower material that’s been freshly frozen upon harvesting. By freezing the material, the idea is that the flower is at the peak of its freshness in terms of potency and terpene levels. That’s because during the drying and curing processes used for consuming flower via inhalation (to reduce moisture levels), terpenes and cannabinoids can degrade. 


That means the oil that’s extracted from the flower is typically more flavorful and offers strain-specific effects. Understand the hype now? Then let’s get into the BREEZE team’s favorite 5 Breeze Canna Live Resin vape pens to get started with! 


The Top 5 Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vapes Near Me 


It’s time to get into the good stuff! Here are our picks for the top 5 Breeze Canna live resin disposable vapes to get near you. 


Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vape Tropicana Cherry

If you need a sweet pick-me up for your morning or afternoon, this Tropicanna Cherry Breeze Canna Live Resin disposable vape is your new BFF. The slightly sativa dominant hybrid is powerful in fruity flavors like citrus, cherries, and a hint of earthy nuttiness. After a few puffs, you’ll be flying high with motivation and energy to complete everyday tasks without stress. 


Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vape Grandaddy Purple


Everyone’s favorite purps, Grandaddy Purple, gets the Breeze Canna treatment in this live resin disposable vape. The indica dominant hybrid is ideal for nighttime use when you want to kick back, relax, and forget about all the worries of the day. The flavor-forward live resin does GDP’s true robust flavor justice with every hit, rich in grape flavors with spicy undertones. Keep puffing to fall into a state of tranquility and overall peace! 


Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vape Tangerine Dream


There’s no need for a beach when you have a Breeze Canna Live Resin disposable vape in Tangerine Dream handy. This ray of sunshine will brighten the mood with its bright and fruity flavors that taste like a drink served with an umbrella, poolside. Each rip of citrus sweetness delivers euphoric good vibes, to beat stress, and overall aches and pains. 


Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vape Legend OG


Last but not least is Breeze Canna’s Live Resin disposable vape in Legend OG. This indica dominant hybrid is another one of our favorites for evening relaxation. Its light citrus flavor has hints of spicy pine that soothe your body and mind with every hit. Even better, it calms you down without couch-locking effects but beware of the mad case of the munchies you might soon feel!  


Breeze Canna Live Resin Disposable Vape Space Runtz


Blast off to an extraordinary buzz with Breeze Canna’s Live Resinin Space Runtz. This well-balanced hybrid is perfect for all day use and offers a sweet, candy like flavor for all of our sweet tooths out there. The live resin bursts with sugary cherry and fruity tastes as each hit uplifts the mood with a happy high that also heightens focus! 


Breeze Canna Live Resin Vapes Near You at Breeze


Breeze Canna Live Resin disposable vapes make it simple and discreet to enjoy an elevated experience. BREEZE makes it simple and convenient to get the Breeze Canna Live Resin vapes you learned about above – and so much more! 


At BREEZE it’s our mission to serve the Michigan cannabis community with a variety of cannabis products to suit their desires and budget points. Not to mention, we make it easier than ever to order online or in-person


Make BREEZE your neighborhood shop for all things cannabis in Metro Detroit. Become a Club BREEZE Rewards member now, and start earning with every purchase. 

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