Best Infused Pre Rolls in Michigan: Our Top 6 Picks for Packs of Pre Rolls!

Best Infused Pre Rolls in Michigan

There’s nothing better than getting high… than getting high without the work it takes to get high. That’s one of the driving factors behind pre-roll popularity, allowing consumers to enjoy a joint without selecting the flower, grinding the flower, packing the flower, or rolling it. 

As the industry evolves, so do the products it produces, for consumer preference and convenience. One pre roll product that’s now trending more than ever are packs of pre rolls. Rather than purchasing multiple single pre rolls, brands are now offering 2-pack, 3-pack, and 5-pack versions of their favorite strains and pre-rolls. 

So if you’re searching for the best infused pre rolls in Michigan or simply pre rolled joints near me, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for the BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 pack of pre rolls to buy and try. 

Pre Rolled Joints Near Me: Our Top 6 Picks 

Previously, pre rolls have gotten a bad rep’ for simply being less than quality flower or “shake” from leftover harvests. Fortunately, as they’ve gained consumer popularity, they’ve also gained a new level of quality. Today, you can buy infused pre-rolls, single pre-rolls, pre-roll packs, kief coated pre-rolls, and beyond. 

Need help selecting which pack of pre rolls to start with first? Keep reading for our team’s favorite pre rolled joints near me and some of the best infused pre rolls in Michigan, too. 

Packwoods Infused Pre-Roll Pack – Guava Bubblegum 

The Packwoods infused pre rolls or what they call “mini blunts” add a little fun to your buzz with a spot to “squeeze here” on the cone filter to let the infusion ooze. We love the 5 pack of pre rolls in Guava Bubblegum, not just for its deliciously sweet and fruity tastes, but for its potent and pure hybrid buzz that uplifts and boosts the mood. 

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Roll Pack – Pina Colada 

When it comes to pre-rolled joints near me, there’s nothing quite like the Jeeter collection. Our team loves the Baby Jeeters for quick, single seshes, and the infused varieties for when you need an extra punch of potency. The 5-pack of infused Baby Jeeters in Pina Colada are some of our faves for enlightening our day with the brightness of creamy, fruity flavors, and an even brighter mood.

Packwoods Mini Burst Infused Pre-Roll Pack – Banana Flambe 

Back to the Packwoods, another variety we can’t get enough of is their Mini Burst infused blunts or joints, in Banana Flambe. Yes, every puff is infused with potent extract and the satisfying flavors of the dessert it’s named for with sweet vanilla tastes and creamy overripe banana. Be aware, this is a “creeper” kind of strain and will leave you feeling completely relaxed and sedated, meaning it may be best reserved for dessert time, too. 

MKX Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll Pack –  Banana Acai Mints 

Another up-and-coming Michigan brand we love for infused packs of pre-rolls is MKX and their bubble hash infused pre-rolls. Sticking with our banana theme, we love the fresh and invigorating flavors of MKX’s infused pre rolls in Banana Acai Mints. An indulgent triple flavor combination you might not ever imagine will keep your taste buds guessing, as you love the smooth nature of the pre-rolls that come equipped with a glass tip for ultra filtration. 

Higgs Loosies Infused Pre-Roll Pack – Moonlit Cookies 

Throwin’ it back to “loosies” and the old-school world of puff, puff, passing, is the brand Higgs and their 2-pack infused pre-rolls. The variety we keep coming back to is Moonlit Cookies for its sweet and creamy flavors and equally pleasurable buzz. Every Higgs infused pre roll is chock full of the brand’s live resin and liquid diamonds for a high-powered, and highly-flavored experience.

MKX Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll Pack – Green Crack 

Last but not least, is a sativa-dominant infused pre roll pack you can turn to when you need an extra pick-me-up of energy. Another variety from MKX and their bubble hash infused pre roll pack collection we’re loving is Green Crack. Again, it doesn’t get more elevated than puffing on a pre roll with a glass tip, of course, unless the pre roll was infused like this one, too. Green Crack is a strain we can always count on for classic skunky aromas, and heightened mental focus. 

The Best Infused Pre Rolls in Michigan at BREEZE 

At BREEZE, it’s our mission to make elevated wellness routines, a breeze for the Michigan cannabis community. Meaning, it’s our passion to offer the locals a wide variety of their favorite consumables – including the best infused pre rolls in Michigan and packs of pre rolls too. 


Now that you’ve learned more about the top pre rolled joints near me, what are you waiting for? Time to get your own to try out yourself! 

Shop these packs of pre rolls and more at BREEZE – online or in-person! You can browse our entire stock online and select store pick-up or delivery at checkout. Prefer an in-store experience? Simply make your way into our conveniently located storefront in Hazel Park. 

Before you go – be sure to sign up for Club BREEZE, a rewards program where you get points with every purchase to use for future savings. Plus – you’ll get all the latest on the freshest drops, store promotions, and more!  

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