Our Top 5 Eastside Alchemy Disposable & Rosin Picks

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Eastside Alchemy might be elusive when it comes to online presences, but if their Instagram profile tells you anything – it’s “Quality over Everything” is their tried-and-true. The underground and Michigan fan-favorite for rosin is on the up and up when it comes to be one of the most highly sought after extracts. 


Now, with premier collabs with notable industry players like Matty B Stackers, the Eastside Alchemy notoriety is only set to grow from here. 


So, without too much known on who’s running Eastside Alchemy behind the scenes (the magical dab wizard, perhaps?) Let’s just get into the good stuff! Keep reading for our ultimate guide to our top 5 picks from Eastside Alchemy to experience their top-shelf rosin for yourself. 


East Side Alchemy: Our Top 5 Picks! 


Quickly growing, and rapidly evolving, the brand has recently expanded from offering dabbable extracts or concentrates to Eastside Alchemy disposable rosin vapes now, too. So, whether you like to dab your rosin at home or on the go, you can find an Eastside Alchemy option for you. 


Now, which one to try first? That’s what we’re here for! Use this guide to decide which Eastside Alchemy disposable or Eastside Alchemy rosin to try first. Without further ado – here’s our team’s picks for the top 5 Eastside Alchemy disposables and rosins. 


Eastside Alchemy Disposable – Pyxy Styx


Strains that are rich and robust in fruity flavors, tend to translate well into deliciously terpy tastes. Eastside Alchemy disposables prove that with the Pyxy Styx strain, that’s a definite must-try from the extractors. Even better? Eastside Alchemy disposables follow the brand’s “quality over everything” mantra with a device that’s set to the perfect temperature for the ultimate flavor expression. 


Oh, and they don’t spit or burn by the end either – we hear you, consumers!


Eastside Alchemy Disposable –  Peyton Manning


Not surprisingly, this Colorado-native strain named for Broncos QB, Peyton Manning is another winner. We can’t get enough of the Eastside Alchemy disposable version for its potent and giggly effects, and long-lasting buzz. So don’t shy away from the price – a little bit can go a long way with the pure expression of terpenes and cannabinoids that Eastside is able to capture. All in all, Peyton Manning will have you feeling like you won the superbowl with an uplifting buzz. 


Eastside Alchemy Disposable – Melted Strawberries


A strain called Melted Strawberries in the purest, most unrefined, manner? Yes please! We love this Eastside Alchemy disposable for its juicy and satisfyingly sweet strawberry flavor, and how you can see its clean quality in the crisp, white disposable, too. As for effects, Melted Strawberries is nearly equal when it comes to sativa-indica traits for a well-balanced buzz that’s euphoric for the mind and relaxing for the body. 


Eastside Alchemy x Matty B Stackers Live Rosin – Guava Gelly


Of course, Eastside Alchemy teamed up with acclimated cultivator Matty B Stackers for a duo of dopeness. One of our first choices for the collab, is Guava Gelly Live Rosin. Nothing shows off good rosin better than fruity strains, and Guava Gelly sure shows off its terpiness with the help of Eastside Alchemy and Matty B Stackers. The strain bursts with tropical good tastes, and has just as invigorating sativa-dominant effects, making it ideal for daytime dabs. 


Eastside Alchemy x Matty B Stackers Live Rosin – Pink Palmer


Pink Palmer is another sativa-dominant hybrid that we love for bringing out our brightest personalities. This live rosin shows off the strain’s summer-y flavor profile of lemon, and berries, that’s reminiscent of the thirst-quencher, strawberry lemonade. Beyond its craveworthy flavors, the live rosin will have you feeling on cloud 9 with blissfully energetic effects that wash away any everyday stresses. 


Eastside Alchemy x Matty B Stackers Live Rosin – Jellyman 


Last but not least is another Matty B Stackers feature, with Eastside Alchemy rosin in Jellyman. A cross of a papaya and purps strain proves fruitful with rich berry flavors, that have hints of smooth tropical notes, and underlying dankness, too. If you can find this Eastside Alchemy live rosin – try it! It’s a rare genetic that’s hard to come by, tastes just as good as it looks, and will have you feeling like you’re on top of the world with soothing, mood-enhancing effects. 


Eastside Alchemy Rosins Near You: Find at BREEZE! 


From Eastside Alchemy disposables to Eastside Alchemy rosins, we’ve got you at BREEZE. Even more? We make it a breeze, to keep up with your dabbing routines, with convenient online ordering for store pickup or delivery. 


Simply shop our current stock online, including this list of our team’s favorite Eastside Alchemy rosins to try! Then select pick-up or delivery at checkout, and you’re on your way to experiencing all you’ve gotten to read about here, today. 

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