Church Vape Pens Near Me: Our Top 6 Favorite Picks!

church vape pen near me

Cannabis consumers across Michigan are singing the praises of the Church Cannabis Company. The brand is well-known for its collection of Church cartridges, and now Church disposable vapes are becoming the holy grail for many.


So, are you ready to go to church and elevate the way you vape? Let’s learn more about the Church Cannabis Company and their most popular offerings. Keep reading for our full review and our picks for the top 6 Church disposable vapes and Church cartridges to try first. 


Who is the Church Cannabis Company? 


While other extract brands source their flower for extraction, Church Cannabis Company’s process begins with their own cultivation facility, managed by experienced cultivators and extractors alike. The brand also sells flower, but is most notable for its strain-specific, and terpene forward Church cartridges and Church disposable vapes. 


The company isn’t just Michigan-based, you can find their products in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada, which shows their expertise for top-quality vape products.


In fact, their vaping hardware designs are award-winning and not only focus on a safe user experience but also on performance, aesthetics, reliability, and convenience. That includes the vapes signature round mouthpiece, which fits ever so comfortably on the lips! 


Church Cartridges and Church Disposable Vapes: Our Top 6! 


Ready to find out which Church cartridges and Church disposable vapes are our favorites? Here are our team’s top 6 Church cartridges or Church disposable vapes to put on your “must-try” and “must-buy” lists. 


Church Cannabis Live Rosin Disposable Vape – Orange Push Pop


When it comes to vaping, nothing is more superior than pure live rosin, as rosin is naturally extracted with just varying temperatures and pressures. Church Cannabis offers an affordable live rosin option with the company’s live rosin disposable vape, which we love in Orange Push Pop. You’ll enjoy the au natural and earthy flavors of Church’s premium flower, which have a hint of refreshing citrus and its well-balanced hybrid effects for all-day use. 


Church Cannabis Disposable Vape – Hawaiian Snowcap


The Church Cannabis Company prides itself on exotic genetics, and Hawaiian Snowcap is a prime example. This rare strain comes from the Haze lineage and offers a potent and flavorful buzz. Its complex flavor offers an intense and spicy incense taste that has underlying notes of eucalyptus and citrus for an invigorating experience. As for effects, it’s a perfect go-to for nights out, as it increases sociability and giggle-ability, too. 


Church Cannabis Live Resin Vape Cartridge – RS11


If you’re seeking a 510-threaded cartridge instead of disposables, this RS11 live resin Church cartridge is one of our favorites. RS is short for Rainbow Sherbet, meaning this vape offers a robust fruity flavor that has hints of sour citrus and spice on every exhale. After a few puffs, you’ll feel completely at peace from the strain’s relaxing effects 


Church Cannabis Disposable Vape – Runtz


Now, onto a classic strain you can never go wrong with; one of our reliable go-tos is, of course, the Church disposable vape in Runtz. We love the compact nature and travelability of Church’s disposable vapes and the company’s version of Runtz extra slaps. Every hit is fruitier than the last, with tastes of sour berries, tropical citrus, and sweet vanilla undertones. The strain is a nearly equal indica to sativa hybrid, making it ideal for anytime use for euphoric and soothing effects. 


Church Cannabis Live Rosin Disposable Vape – Skywalker OG


Another hard to find genetic, Church’s live rosin disposable vape in Skywalker OG is definitely worthy of our must-try list! This pure and potent variety offers relaxing and uplifting effects to bust everyday stresses that are quite “forceful,” hence its name’s nod to Luke Skywalker himself. As for flavor, the strain is just as forward, with rich tastes of diesel and spicy pine and herbal notes. 


Church Cannabis Disposable Vape – Zaza


For yet another unique experience, pick up the Church disposable vape in Zaza. The rare indica-dominant strain is ideal for pre-bedtime puffs as it is highlsedatingg, and offers long-lasting effects. Before you drift off, you’ll feel completely at ease with its relaxing and uplifting buzz,but beware – it can cause a mad case of the munchies! Its flavor is equally satisfying, with sweet and sour lemon undertones that have a hint of spice and diesel on the exhale. 


Find the Church Cannabis Company at BREEZE 


At BREEZE, we make it a breeze to get your hands on the products you (and we!) love. From online ordering to delivery to shelves always stocked with the latest and greatest – it’s our mission to serve the Michigan cannabis community with a wide variety of ways to elevate. 


Now that you know our top picks for our favorite Church disposable vapes and Church cartridges, it’s time to make your way into BREEZE. But before you do, be sure to sign up for Club Breeze rewards and earn points with every purchase for future savings and discounts. 


Stay tuned for more product recommendations from the BREEZE team, and browse our entire selection now

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