Society C Rosin Near Me: Our Favorite 6 Badders to Try!

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Sometimes you’re ballin’ on a budget, and sometimes you’re in treat yo’self mode. When it comes to the latter, and wanting to enjoy top-shelf extracts for an indulgent or splurge moment, this is the guide for you. 


Meet Society C, one of Michigan’s leading, and award-winning extractors, responsible for producing some of the best solventless hash and rosin on the market today. 


Looking to join Society C yourself? Let’s learn more about some of their most beloved strains, like Society C Gummiez and Society C Spritzer, while also getting a look at the brand’s background. Keep reading for this ultimate guide to all things Society C. 


Who is Society C? 


Society C’s dedication to providing customers with top quality cannabis products has paid off, as 2x High Times People Choice Award winner. Society C is led by an expert, legacy team of cultivators and extractors that have relentlessly worked to find the best performing genetics, equipment, and techniques for making their extracts. 


Hard work also pays off, as Society C’s live rosin badder is some of the best in the business. Extracted using only water, ice, heat, and pressure (not with solvents like ethanol or butane) you can taste the pure and unadulterated terpene profiles of each scrumptious strain the team selects. 


Because the badders are made from single-sourced flower, you can also expect to experience the effects (and aroma/flavor) you’d experience from smoking said flower – just at a higher concentration or potency. Now, let’s get into our top picks for the concentrates favored by Michigan cannabis community connoisseurs (and anyone who tries it!). 


Our Top 6 Favorite Hash Rosin Badders from Society C 

While Society C offers a wide variety of disposable vapes, concentrates, and beyond, our team has been loving the brand’s hash rosin badders. 


So, without further ado, let’s get into our top 6 favorite hash rosin badders from Society C.


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder – Gummiez


Our first choice is Society C Gummiez considering it’s one of the most asked for by customers, too. With a smooth and creamy consistency, Gummiez offers everything you’d expect in a fruity candy when it comes to taste. The sativa dominant hybrid is perfect for an afternoon delight, and will have you feeling uplifted and giggly in its hazy and happy euphoria in no time. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder – Platinum Cake


Up next is Society C hash rosin badder in Platinum Cake. This variety is just as dessert-like, with the same smooth and dreamy texture that Society C is known for. As for taste, as expected, the extract is sweet like cake, with hints of coffee. Effect-wise Society C Platinum Cake is on the indica-dominant side and will have you feeling in complete bliss, in utter relaxation. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder – Sour Papaya


On the more fruity side, we love Society C’s Sour Papaya hash rosin badder. This is like summer in a jar, with fruity tropical tastes of pineapple and citrus that have creamy, sweet undertones. Expect a quick rush of cerebral euphoria with Sour Papaya’s buzzy head high, that’s best reserved for nighttime use for its relaxing effects. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder – The Runtz


Up next is The Runtz which is ideal for those who love the Runtz lineage in flower form. You’ll taste Runtz at its purest with this hash rosin badder, and experience its well-balanced hybrid effects to their fullest. Every dab is robust with the strain’s classic fruity flavors that have sugary, sweet candy undertones. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder Cherry Cheesecake


Back on the dessert theme, it wouldn’t be a list of Society C favorites without including Cherry Cheesecake. Decadence in a dab, this variety is rich in robust cherry and berry flavors and again, classic vanilla cake flavors and this time? Underlying notes of funky cheese! Experience the complexity of flavors with every dab while also enjoying the strain’s equally pleasurable indica-dominant effects. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Badder – Dulce De Fresa


Last but certainly not least is Dulce De Fresa, another sugary sweet choice with that creamy badder texture you’ll soon love just as much. This one’s effects are just as complex as its flavor for its ability to relax you while stimulating the mind creatively – and of course, uplifting the mood, too! This exotic genetic is rare, and hard to come by – so if you do catch it on shelves, snag it while you can try it. 


Find Society C at BREEZE 


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Of course, now that you know more about Society C, it’s likely you’re ready to try some of their most highly sought after extracts, like Society C Kush Mints and our favorite picks, too. 


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