Broke Boyz Cannabis: The Top 5 Strains to Try in Metro Detroit

Broke Boyz manages to be elusive and iconic all at once. The nationwide flower brand has hit Michigan shelves and offers the Michigan cannabis community a variety of west-coast, and signature strains. They’ve managed to grow a following without keeping a following on social media, adding to consumer’s curiosity about Broke Boyz cannabis. 


So, what are some of the Broke Boyz strains we recommend trying first? Keep reading for the Breeze team’s picks for the top 5 Broke Boyz cannabis strains to try and where to find them in Metro Detroit. 


The Top 5 Broke Boyz Cannabis Strains to Try 


With cannabis connoisseurs rushing to try Broke Boyz exclusive collection of rare genetics, it can be hard to find the brand on the shelves. When you do – here are the top 5 Broke Boyz cananbis strains we’d recommend starting off with! 




Crave the taste of summer all year round? Then the Broke Boyz cannabis strain, Melona, is for you. These buds burst with sweet melon aromas and flavors that have an equally tantalizing and robust gassy diesel taste on the exhale. The potent hybrid mellows the mind with a smooth and heavy buzz that’s relaxing for the body and mind. 


Guava Runtz 


Broke Boyz Guava Runtz is a highly sought-after indica-dominant hybrid for its favorable flavor and effects. The strain is exotically pungent in aroma and offers a sweet, tropical, and fruity flavor from its parent strains—you guessed it – Guava and Runtz. The strain is ideal for an after-dinner sesh, with uplifting and sedating effects that elevate the mood and put you to sleep. 


Got Bars


Another fan-favorite Broke Boyz cannabis strain is Got Bars. This Terpenstein collaboration and Runtz variety offer candy-like flavors that are Willy Wonka approved. Another indica-dominant hybrid, this potent strain can reach up to 30% THC and produces a relaxing, slightly energetic, euphoric, calm, and happy high. 


Hood Candy 


Following the Broke Boyz cannabis sweet and sugary theme, our next strain to recommend is Hood Candy. Hood Candy is an exotic cross of Runtz and Why U Gelly, for a well-balanced hybrid in effects. If you can get your hands on this rare strain, expect to experience happy and soothing effects and an out of this world flavor. Hood Candy is rich in grape, berry, and sweet flavors that have a hint of classic diesel. 




Another hard to find, and rare genetic is that of Tanner by Broke Boyz cannabis. This strain is just as fruity as other strains on our list, with a hint of creamy sherbet and, of course, another gassy exhale. It’s known for being potent, so beginners beware of it’s one-hit-and-quit reputation. The hybrid is good for day or night, with uplifting and energetic effects that’ll keep you cool, calm, and collected. 


Where to Buy Broke Boyz Flower in Metro Detroit 


If this list of our favorite Broke Boyz cannabis strains has your mouth and mind watering for more, it’s likely you want to know where you can buy Broke Boyz flower in Metro Detroit. We’re happy to report – you’re in the right place! BREEZE in Hazel Park is always ahead of the trends, with the biggest selection of flower brands and strains to choose from. 


Even better? You can earn points with every purchase to redeem for rewards and future savings. Level up the way you puff, puff, pass by making BREEZE your go-to cannabis retail store. Conveniently order online for pickup or delivery (limited areas) or stop by our store to meet our friendly team of canna specialists. 

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