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Kiva is so well-known that the name is practically synonymous with cannabis edibles. The brand is one of the pioneers in edible manufacturing, getting its start in Colorado and quickly taking over the US with its recipe for success. 

Today, the brand has grown from its signature chocolate bars to a full line of THC-infused edibles, making it the go-to brand for cannabis foodies. Luckily for Metro Detroit, Kiva has landed on the Breeze shelves, helping our local consumers elevate their edible experience. 

Wondering which Kiva edibles to start with and where to find Kiva edibles near me? We’ve got your ultimate guide! Keep reading to learn more about the brand behind the bites and Breeze’s top Kiva edibles reviews. 

Kiva Detroit: What You Need to Know 

Kiva Detroit has landed, and we’re stoked to offer the iconic brand’s collection at Breeze. People often call Scott and Kristi Palmer’s Kiva brand the “Whole Foods” of edibles. You could say that this is what the couple set out to do in the beginning, with the goal of producing the highest-quality edible possible using the best ingredients. They started by meeting with a local chocolatier in Colorado. Soon after, they launched Kiva Confections with their signature artisanal chocolate bars. 

Today, the brand focuses on even doses and consistency while growing their line of edibles and staying true to their original, high-minded mission. Now, Kiva offers gummies, mints, chocolate bites, and its newest line of solventless live rosin chews, known as Lost Farm. It’s not just your everyday cannabis connoisseurs who are loving the best Kiva edibles either, as the brand has a slew of celebrity fans, including the likes of Chelsea Handler and boy band icon Joe Jonas. 

Ready to be the next Kiva admirer? Then keep reading for the Breeze team’s Kiva edibles review and to learn how to find Kiva edibles near me. 

The Top 7 Best Kiva Edibles 

Like a kid in a candy shop, it can be difficult to choose just one or two Kiva edibles to start with. So, let us help you curate your own personal experience with our recommendations for the best Kiva Detroit treats to try. 

Kiva Bar Churro 

One thing that comes with an “elevated” experience is unique flavors. Kiva serves this best with a Churro spin on its regular Kiva milk chocolate bar. The bar is dusted with a sweet layer of cinnamon and delivers the taste of the fried goody for which it is named. At 5 mg per piece, it’s the perfect dosage for indulging when you want more than just one, or sticking to a low dose when necessary too.

Kiva Bar Dark Blackberry

Another one of our favorite twists on a classic is the Kiva Bar Dark Chocolate Blackberry. Because who doesn’t love rich chocolate that has a hint of sweet, tangy berries? The bar is made with 54% cacao to satisfy your 5-star sweet tooth and is hybrid in nature to keep you balanced, no matter the time of day. Made with just four ingredients, you’ll enjoy every THC-infused bite of this clean Kiva dark chocolate offering. 

Terra Bites Espresso

Want a little culinary kick to get you through those afternoon slumps? Look no further than Kiva’s Terra Bites Espresso. Terra Bites are made to be “decadent and discreet,” as Kiva puts it, and come in a classic tin for convenient use on the go. The bites are robust in flavor and made with none other than micro-roasted Tanzanian coffee beans and premium dark chocolate to keep up with Kiva’s standard of quality. 

Camino Gummies Watermelon Lemonade 200 mg

Kiva’s Camino gummies are by far some of our favorite edibles. The Watermelon Lemonade flavor, available in 200 mg or 100 mg tins, has a refreshingly sweet flavor that will take you back to summer days on the lake no matter the season. The “bliss” style gummies are a unique blend of sativa and indica extracts to inspire an uplifted mood that’s just the right balance of calming, and focused. 

Camino Gummies Sour Orchard Peach 1:1 THC:CBD

If you prefer a kick to your gummies, Camino recently launched their sour line with craveworthy flavors like our favorite Orchard Peach. The gummy’s desirable 1:1 THC:CBD ratio is the perfect balance of soothing and euphoric effects, with an equally balanced sweet peach flavor that has a sugary tang. You can also enjoy sour Camino Gummies in flavors like Watermelon Spritz and Citrus Punch.  

Lost Farm Gummies Citrus Spritz

Equally rising in popularity with consumers is the desire for solventless extracts that are made with just heat and pressure (the cleanest on the market!). To deliver on this demand, Kiva launched their “Lost Farm” line of gummies made with solventless live rosin. Each variety is “strain-specific,” meaning you’ll know exactly what type of taste and effects to expect. Citrus Spritz, made with Lilac Diesel, is our favorite for its refreshing earthy and fruity flavor and well-balanced hybrid effects that produce a giddy, uplifting yet relaxing buzz. 

Petra Mints Saigon Cinnamon

Last but not least, if you’re searching for a sweet and subtle microdose that’ll also freshen your breath, Kiva’s Petra Mints in Saigon Cinnamon are for you. The sweet and spicy flavors will ignite your mood with an equal dose of CBD:THC. The sugar-free, plant-based bites are guilt-free and perfectly packaged to take with you wherever you need them most. At 2.5 mg per mint, you can fine-tune your dosage personalizing your experience that much more thanks to Kiva. 

Buy Kiva Bars Online: Shop Breeze! 

Now that you can answer the question, where can I buy Kiva chocolate? Let us help guide you even more! Breeze is the premier recreational cannabis store in Metro Detroit and Battle Creek and offers the widest selection of the best Kiva edibles. So, make it your one-stop shop to buy Kiva bars online for convenient store pickup or delivery to select areas.

Shop Kiva chocolate online and the entire collection of Kiva treats at Breeze. Don’t forget to sign up for Club Breeze to earn points with every purchase and get exclusive promotions and product drops delivered directly to your inbox! Make your wellness routine a breeze with Breeze.


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