Buy Kushy Punch Near Me – Your Ultimate Guide & Top Six Flavors!

Kushy Punch’s founders set out to solve the two most common complaints about edibles. For one, they take too long to kick in. And two, they taste too much like weed. With Kushy Punch gummies and the brand’s new fast-acting edition, consumers can now avoid both. 

Today, the LA-based edibles manufacturer is making waves in the Great Lakes State and trending among consumers. Of course, since the Breeze team sets out to solve our customers’ most common problems with high-quality weed, it makes sense that we carry a wide range of edibles from this up-and-coming Cali brand. 

Want to add a punch of fruity-licious flavors and full-spectrum effects to your day with the perks of fast-acting gummy effects? Keep reading to learn more about the Kushy Punch company and the top six gummies to try right here in Michigan, and Metro Detroit at Breeze.  

BTS at the Kushy Punch Company 

Behind the scenes at the Kushy Punch Company is the founder and CEO, Ruben Cross. A former cultivator, Cross wanted to fix the fact that edible products didn’t have standardized dosages or healthy options. 

You could say Cross was successful, considering the fact that Kushy Punch has gained iconic status across the US as one of the most reliable and flavorful edibles on the market. Even more, the brand was voted one of the best national cannabis brands by Weedmaps just this year. 

The brand prides itself on manufacturing its Kushy Punch edibles with locally sourced full-spectrum oil and all-natural ingredients to offer consumers a full-bodied buzz that’s also peanut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. To assure accurate dosing, and quality,  KushyPunch’s products are manufactured in an ISO-certified laboratory and with state-of-the-art food science equipment. 

The company has recently expanded its product collection by releasing a line of fast-acting edibles and a high-end collection called Private Reserve. Private Reserve is now coined the ‘dab of edibles’ offering 95%+ pure THC in a refined manner, without the underlying hint of raw cannabis taste. 

Because at the end of the day… we want to feel our cannabis, not actually taste it. So, on that note, let’s move on to our Breeze team’s favorite Kushy Punch gummies and flavors for you to try. 

The Top 6 Kushy Punch Gummies to Try

Let’s waste no more time and get right into our own Kushy Punch edibles reviews. Here’s our choice for the top six Kushy Punch edibles to buy and try, and why we love them the most.  

Kushy Punch Fast-Acting Gummies Orange Citrus 2:1 THC:CBD

The 2:1 THC:CBD ratio is having a moment all on its own. Because the effects are well-balanced, relaxing, and mood-lifting, the dosage is becoming popular with both new and experienced medical users. Always in tune with the pulse of cannabis consumers, Kushy Punch offers the 2:1 dose in a variety of flavors, including Orange Citrus and Blueberry

Kushy Punch Fast-Acting Gummies Pineapple

In Michigan, we could all use a bite that tastes like a tropical vacay to get us through the long and gloomy seasons. Kushy Punch’s fast-acting gummies in pineapple can do just that. The entire package contains 10 gummies with 10 mg each, so you can easily select the strength you’d like to achieve. Or, so you know the number of luscious cubes to stop at.

Kushy Punch Fast-Acting Gummies Blue Raspberry

Who doesn’t love the nostalgic flavor of vibrant, blue slushies? When you enjoy these blue raspberry-flavored Kushy Punch edibles, you’ll feel like you’re back in your childhood, but with a more grown-up twist. The hybrid edition delivers effects that are well-suited for daytime or nighttime, and contains 100 mg of THC per bag. 

Kushy Punch Fast-Acting Gummies Kiwi Breeze

We’d love to think Kushy Punch’s Kiwi Breeze fast-acting gummies are named for us, but the unique Kiwi flavor is actually why they made our list of favorites. The gummy’s kiwi flavor is as bright as the green they’re colored with, and ignites all your senses with a creamy, tangy taste. With sativa-dominant effects, the Kushy Punch edibles are perfect for ‘wake-and-bake’ breakfasts, or to kick start your afternoons.

Kushy Punch Sugar Free Gummies Lychee

Not everybody loves to satisfy their sweet tooth, when experiencing edible effects. So, the Kushy Punch company now makes a line of sugar-free gummies for people who are mindful of how much sugar they consume. Our favorite flavor is Lychee, which still delivers all the sweetness you crave from edibles and masks the raw flavor of the full-spectrum oil, too. 

Even better, the Lychee Kushy Punch edibles are sativa-dominant, making them the perfect, guilt-free, mid-afternoon treat for a natural burst of energy. 

Kushy Punch Original Private Reserve Gummies Strawberry Lemonade

Getting to the Kushy Punch Company’s dab of edibles, is our choice of Private Reserve gummies in Strawberry Lemonade. The gummies burst in your mouth with juicy, energizing citrus flavors that have a hint of sweet, satisfying berry. As the brand’s most elevated edition, you can expect to experience the ‘power of the punch’ in 60 minutes or less with 95% pure THC, at 100 MG per package. 

Find Kushy Punch Near Me 

The Kushy Punch gummies have a ‘once you pop, you just can’t stop’ kind of flavor. So, don’t forget, they pack a punch in potency, too. With an affordable Kushy Punch gummy price, it’s no wonder why the brand is becoming a favorite for edible stans. 

Haven’t joined the Kushy Punch fan club yet? Then let us share where to buy Kushy Punch, so you can. 

At Breeze, we stock all the trending brands that consumers seek out the most—including Kushy Punch edibles. Visit a location near you, or order online for delivery or pick-up. Where we make shopping for cannabis a breeze. 

The only question left – when you buy Kushy Punch, what flavor will you choose?

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