A Very Merry Cannabis Christmas

By: Jordan W.

2020 has been a year for the history books. We endured the global pandemic, presidential election cycle, murder hornets, virtual work/school, quarantine, and so much more. Nothing about 2020 has been normal, and we all deserve some much needed R&R this holiday season. Breeze, Oakland County’s first recreational cannabis store, wants you to have a chill and relaxing season with the gift of cannabis! Nothing quite calms holiday anxiety and spreads Yuletide cheer like an edible shared with your loved ones. So this year, add some more green to your holiday gift exchange.

Edibles are one popular way of consuming cannabis, and before your Judgey Aunt Judy steps on her anti-cannabis soap box, remind her that  the UN recently voted to classify cannabis as a medicine. Edibles come in a variety of tasty forms (gummies, brownies, caramels, rice krispies, fudge, chocolate, cookies, etc.) and are easy to consume. The days of going to Grandma’s Christmas Eve dinner smelling like loud only to have your niece call you out in front of your cop cousin for smelling like a skunk (true story) are a thing of the past. Edibles are more discreet than smoking flower, so pass around a bag of Dixie Berry Blaze Gummies to share or pick up a Dream Edibles Sea Salt Caramel for yourself and with an activation time of 30 minutes — 2 hours and effects lasting 3-5 hours, one edible can give you an entire evening of fun!

Though edibles are easy to consume, it is important to pay attention to how much you’re taking.  Unlike your favorite strains of flower or concentrates measuring THC with a percentage, the THC of edibles is measured in milligrams. Many edibles come in 100mg packages, but the recommended dose for an edible novice is 2.5 — 5 mgs of THC. Edible connoisseurs may start with 10-20mg.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO START LOW AND GO SLOW. Take small doses and wait at least 30 minutes (but up to 2 hours!) to feel the full effects. Even the most seasoned cannabis consumers have a story of edibles that went too far. You can always take more but it is IMPOSSIBLE to take less. Start low and go slow! Don’t be another statistic.

Check out the menu and find an edible that sounds tasty to you! Be sure to call our Cannabis Care Agents with any questions.  We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing holiday season. 

Happy Holidays, 

The Breeze Team

Jordan W.
Cannabis Specialist

Jordan is a cannabis enthusiast turned specialist. She enjoys learning about the many benefits cannabis has to offer, and her favorite part of the industry is connecting customers with the right product for them. She is one of the friendly voices on the phone ready to assist you. Jordan lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and pack of pitties (and a kitten!).