The mission of Cannalicious always begins with the product, they produce the purest cannabis concentrate products that great people of Michigan can utilize to medicate themselves with an assured sense of quality and sincere knowledge of their products.

Quality & Experience Meet

The team at Cannalicious consists of highly skilled and educated professionals to ensure that the production of the finest concentrates for Michigan Cannabis Consumers.

Their techniques are practiced in a state certified licensed facility with clean room practices. They are constantly monitored and inspected by the City of Pinconning, Marijuana Regulatory Agency, MIOSHA, and Michigan’s Bureau of Fire Safety. They process cannabis biomass in a state-of-the-art facility by applying science practices in a manufacturing setting. Love, quality, and science goes into every unit of concentrates leaving their facility and patients educated in cannabis products have come to know Cannalicious for its quality!

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Cannalicious’s specialized team of cannabis processors are formally educated, travel the United States for the correct answers from other top producers in our industry, and have more than 8,000 hours of engineering and chemistry lab experience.

Top Notch Quality

Their products are some of the purest cannabis concentrates around.They put their time and energy into their products to ensure the best for their customers.

Specialized Team

Cannalicious has an outstanding team of cannabis processors that produce their cannabis products. Combined, they have over 8,000 hours of experience.


All of their practices are maintained to perfection. They are monitored and certified at all levels to ensure the proper production of their products.

Do-Si-Mos Live Resin 1/2 Gram by Cannalicious Labs