Concentrates 101: THCA

THCA: the perfect enhancer

Welcome to Concentrates 101! This week, we are spotlighting THCA! Continue reading to learn how it’s made, how you can consume, and even products we suggest if you decide to try it for yourself!


What is THCA?

 Concentrates such as Rosin or Wax are very malleable, while THCA is more of a light, powdery consistency and is sometimes referred to as diamonds. Like many other extraction processes, THCA is extracted from flower; then butane or hydrocarbon solvents are used to extract the oils from the plant. But then it goes through another step of purging to remove those solvents, making it a clean addition to enhance your flower or pre-roll. Ask a budtender next time you come in and see if THCA is right for you!


How to Consume

THCA can be used as a way to bring instant relief or if you prefer a quicker and stronger onset of effects. On one hand, ingesting a gummy or tablet with THCA won’t create a high, but have medicinal benefits instead. On the other hand, it may be sensitive to new users if you intend on smoking it. If you fall into this category, ask a budtender or read the metric label to make sure of the potency.  Since THCA isn’t psychoactive until it is heated and converted into THC, it is popular amoungst individuals who love enhancing their flower or bowls! A lot of the times, you can even find pre-rolls that are already enhanced like Jeeter or El Blunto!

Wrapping up, THCA is created using solvents, and put through a purge to extract the solvents, making it a very clean additive. Try some of our faves by stopping into our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting Breeze delivery!

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