Concentrates 101: Wax

wax: the umbrella concentrate

Welcome to Concentrates 101! This week, we are spotlighting Wax! Continue reading to learn how it’s made, how you can consume, and even products we suggest if you decide to try it for yourself!


What is Wax?

 Live Resin or Rosin both have a very malleable texture, and Wax falls in that same category. Typically, Wax is used as an umbrella term for many different concentrates, but it all boils down to the cosmetics. Shatter and Wax are very similar chemically, the only difference is how they both turn out once extraction is completed. Most waxes are made from flower, shake or trim; then butane or hydrocarbon solvents are used to extract the oils from the plant. A lot of individuals love Wax for its convenient consistency! Ask a budtender next time you come in and see if Wax is right for you!


How to Consume

Wax can be used as a way to bring instant relief or if you prefer a quicker onset of effects. Some extracts may be sensitive to new users so if you fall into this category, ask a budtender or read the metric label to make sure of the potency. Wax is typical for individuals who love to dab! First, you will need a dabbing tool in order to handle most concentrates. If dabbing is your style or you always wanted to try this method, a rig and torch will be needed to consume. You may also want to try placing the Wax in a dab pen, which is essentially a vape rig, or try placing in a blunt or joint to infuse!

Wrapping up, Wax is created using heat, butane, and other solvents to extract the oils. Dabbing is the most popular form of consumption. Try some of our faves by stopping into our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting Breeze delivery!

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