Deeper Roots Cannabis: The Top Strains to Find in Metro Detroit!

There’s a good reason for the wide variety of Deeper Roots strains, as the cultivators value the saying “different tokes for different folks.” That motto has propelled Deeper Roots cannabis to the top of the “must try” lists for Metro Detroit consumers, and they have no plan to halt their forward momentum. 

Through the brand’s large genetic library, and vast capabilities, the Deeper Roots cannabis collection now offers its eclectic strains in flower, pre-rolls, and live-resin concentrates. Live resin, aka the concentrate, that’s most notable for capturing genetics’ true expression from its flash-freezing at the time of harvest. 

So, if you’re looking to become more familiar with Deeper Roots’ cream of the crop(s), this list is for you. Keep reading for our Breeze team’s picks for the top Deeper Roots strains to find near you in Metro Detroit. 

Deeper Roots Strain #1 – Slurricane

Recently, Slurricane has become one of the most highly sought-after strains for its good looks and good feels. The Deeper Roots strain is a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, meaning the end result has major bag appeal with purple hues and pungent sweet aromas. The flower is aromatic in scents of berries, spice, citrus, and cream, with a taste that’s just as satisfying. The indica-dominant hybrid is beloved by medical and recreational consumers alike for its relaxing, yet euphoric effects. 

Deeper Roots Strain #2 – Jungle M.A.C.

Our second Deeper Roots strain to try is Jungle M.A.C. the wild Miracle Animal Cookies hybrid every cannabis consumer should try. The elusive variety consistently clocks in at over 23% THC for a moderate to potent buzz depending on your unique tolerance or level of experience. Its trichome-dusted bud glistens under the light and smokes incredibly smooth, with sweet and creamy orange flavors that have a hint of herbal earthiness. 

Deeper Roots Strain #3 – Key Lime Pie

Our first pick for Deeper Roots concentrates is the refreshing Key Lime Pie strain. A take on the infamous Girl Scout Cookies strain, this ooey-gooey, golden resin bursts with the creamy and tangy flavors you’d expect from its namesake dessert. Dabbers beware, as the strain’s quick-acting effects hit even faster than most concentrates with a quick rush of calming relaxation straight to the head. Slowly after you’ll feel the soothing effects take over the rest of your body with a dreamy and comforting buzz, best for nighttime. 

Deeper Roots Strain #4 – Tropicana Cookie

Back to flower, our Breeze team can’t get enough of the Deeper Roots cannabis pre-rolls in Tropicana Cookie. The flavors of Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie will satisfy any stoner sweet tooth, and the strain further delights sativa-lovers with its energizing and uplifting effects. The purple buds deliver creamy cookie flavors with refreshing citrus undertones and pack a punch in potency. Pro tip – known to medically boost the appetite, you may want to prepare yourself some munchies before you puff, puff, pass. 

Deeper Roots Strain #5 – Gushers

Keeping up with our fruity theme, we just had to include the Deeper Roots strain, Gushers, on our top recommended list. Another rare strain, Gushers flies off the shelves for its candy-like flavors of grape, and citrus that is reminiscent of the fruit snacks we all know and love. The indica-dominant hybrid is perfect to curl up with for a night of Netflix n chill, with euphoric, relaxing, and even somewhat arousing effects. 

Deeper Roots Strain #6 – GMO Zkittlez

Another one of our favorite live resin Deeper Roots concentrates is the strain GMO Zkittlez. The newcomer to the scene is a cross of two classics, Zkittlez x OG Kush, and offers an intense heavy high. Amplified by the naturally heightened potency of concentrates, this is a strain that can easily send you into dreamland quickly. The indica-dominant hybrid is unique with gassy diesel aromas that have the perfect balance with hints of candy-like sweetness. 

Deeper Roots Strain #7 – Guava Cake 

Last on our list, but certainly not the least, is the Deeper Roots strain Guava Cake in a potent live resin. Not only does the concentrate contain over 60% THC it has traceable levels of CBD (around 2%) for medical consumers seeking extra relief. Its origins are somewhat unknown, but what we do know is that the variety is abundantly sweet with tropical fruity flavors, hence its’ name of Guava. The sativa-dominant hybrid is vibrant in effects adding brightness to any day, with powerful cerebral effects that are uplifting for the mood. 

Finding Deeper Roots Cannabis in Metro Detroit 

What’s the best thing about Deeper Roots cannabis? Whether you’re an exclusive dabber or flower consumer – there’s a variety for you to try! Now, after reading this list of Deeper Roots strain reviews, there’s a good chance your stoner senses are tingling to try your own.

Even better for the Metro Detroit cannabis community is Breeze offers a wide selection of Deeper Roots concentrates and flower, with convenient options for pick-up or delivery. Or, go old-school and stop by our cannabis retail stores located in Hazel Park or Battle Creek.

Stay tuned for more Metro Detroit cannabis brand guides and top product lists, and start shopping our menu now to select the Deeper Roots strains you’re craving the most.


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