Employee Spotlight: Meet BREEZE Coordinator Ella!

Meet Ella, a Coordinator at Breeze Hazel Park! She has been with the company for just over a year and loves working in the industry! As she explains it, “It just feels right! What better way to spend my time hanging around weed and helping others get exactly what they’re looking for.” Not only that, but she gives much praise to her co-workers! She stated in her interview that the absolute best part about working for Breeze is the people she works with; “They make coming to work so easy and effortless!” What a great feeling to have wonderful individuals in a work-place!

Lastly, Ella has some great product recommendations based on her favorites! She loves Breeze Canna’s because they are so discreet and blend in as a regular vape! “You can take them anywhere and not get questioned!” Take advantage of the deals Breeze has for Ella’s favorites by coming into our showroom, ordering curb-side or getting it delivered

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