Employee Spotlight: Meet BREEZE Delivery Driver Abby!

meet delivery driver abby!

Meet Abby, a Delivery Driver at Breeze Hazel Park! We are so happy to have her as a part of the delivery team, and she plays a major role in giving customers their special deliveries right to their door! Abby has been with the company for about nine months now, and loves being apart of the Breeze fam! What initially pushed Abby into the industry was her own personal experience. As she explains it, “I joined from self experience using it as a medicine, but I also want to assist others in recognizing the potential!” So, what makes Breeze so special? Abby personally loves the environment, her co-workers and the customers; “It’s a chill atmosphere, my co-workers are cool, and it is still super flexible!” In her personal time, Abby enjoys being a pet sitter and dog walker; but also finds time to work some great live events which she really enjoys!


Abby also touched base on the products that she loves! “I really enjoy the Deeper Roots 15g Live Resin Jars, it’s a great quality concentrate and ideal for all consumers!” What a great, tasty choice! Try out Abby’s favorite product by shopping in our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting it delivered right to your door!

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