Employee Spotlight: Meet BREEZE Assistant Delivery Manager Neil!

meet the breeze assistant delivery manager, neil!

Meet Neil, the Assistant Delivery Manager at Breeze Hazel Park! He makes a huge impact on how the delivery team runs, and provides a lot of support to his team! Neil has been with the company for about nine months, and plans to continue down his path with Breeze! What initially pushed Neil into the industry was the appeal. As he explains it, “I was referred to the business. I came from the corporate world, and this just seemed like a really good culture to me. I knew somebody already in the industry, so I looked into it and it ended up being a great decision. ” But what makes Breeze so special? Neil personally loves the energy at the workplace and of course, his coworkers; “I really enjoy the diverse folks that we have here. There is all different types of ages and groups, and people just seem very sincere here. It’s more of a family atmosphere than I have every been used to, and thats the best part of the job.” 

Neil also touched base on the products that he enjoys! “I don’t partake often, but when I do I enjoy the Wyld CBD gummies, and of course the Jeeters.” Both great, tasty choices! Take advantage of the deals that Breeze has based around Neil’s favorite products by shopping in our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting it delivered right to your door! 

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