Employee Spotlight: Meet BREEZE Inventory Keyholder Reese!

meet breeze hazel park inventory key holder, reese!

Meet Reese, an Inventory Key Holder at Breeze Hazel Park! She has been with the company for just over a year, and is absolutely loving it! What initially pushed her to give the cannabis industry a try was motivation from family. As she explains it, “What truly inspired me was having family in the industry who had such positive experiences and wanted me to put my foot in the door.” But what makes Breeze so special? Reese had some great points, “The best part is feeling like such an important part of the brand. Our opinions matter when making decisions about the menu in terms of which products to promote and restock. We are also addressed for an opinion on any changes, and are even given the opportunity to design merch!” Not only has she had such a positive experience, but she has made some incredible friendships along the way as well!

Being apart of the team at Breeze isn’t the only aspect that Reese loves, she also enjoys our product selection! “My favorite product is probably The Clear Endo, specifically orange cookies/orange cream. It tastes good, it gives me a really uplifting high, it’s live resin which I really enjoy; and my friends really love it too!” 

Take advantage of the deals that Breeze has based around Reese’s favorite products by shopping in our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting it delivered right to your door! 

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