Employee Spotlight: Meet BREEZE Delivery Driver Ashley!

meet delivery driver ashley!

Meet Ashley, a Delivery Driver at Breeze Hazel Park! We are so happy to have her as a part of the delivery team, and she plays a major role in giving customers their special deliveries right to their door! Ashley has been with the company for about a year now, and loves being apart of the Breeze fam! What initially pushed Ashley into the industry was the appeal. As she explains it, “I’ve been a consumer for years. When the cannabis industry started to grow, I was so excited to get involved. I get to learn new things all the time about something that interests me!” But what makes Breeze so special? Ashley personally loves the environment, her co-workers and the customers; “I have met some really great, down to earth people. I love my bosses, co-workers, and work atmosphere. I also love getting to know the customers, I even get to meet their pets and kids sometimes. I truly get excited to go to work!”


Ashley also touched base on the products that she enjoys! “I really like the Breeze Canna Live Resin Legend OG Vape, and the Cannalicious Twin Pod Vape. The Cannalicious Vape hits really well, and one side is Hybrid while the other side is Indica, so its perfect depending on what mood you’re in!” Both great, tasty choices! Try out Ashley’s favorite products by shopping in our showroom, ordering curbside, or getting it delivered right to your door! 

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