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We had the pleasure of interviewing Christa, one of our Contact Center Team leads to learn more about her experience with Epilepsy and the products that bring her support! After a decade of battling symptoms, Christa brings her knowledge and compassion into her product recommendations. 

Epilepsy is defined as a brain disorder that causes unprovoked seizures, but even Christa mentions that there are a lot of unknowns; “There is still no known cure for epilepsy, and with limited knowledge and awareness, many individuals don’t understand the proper first aid that comes with the diagnosis. I was diagnosed in 2015, and I am still learning new things.” Although epilepsy causes seizures, just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have epilepsy, someone that has multiple, unprovoked seizures falls in the epilepsy category. It can be caused from a number of things; head injuries, brain infections, immune disorders, and more. In fact, it can even be genetic!

There are certain aspects of epilepsy that can be difficult, but with time and proper management, life will become normal once again. “I lost my license, wasn’t able to work for quite some time, and had some serious side effects to previous medications,” Christa states, “But with proper medication, diet, and working with my doctor, I am now three years seizure free!” Extra medication can also be used when dealing with this type of diagnosis (always consult your doctor first).

Although Christa still takes her prescribed medication, products that Breeze offers assist her in tremendous ways also. “While I still take my prescribed medication and it really has made a huge (and positive) difference in my life, Mary’s Medicinals 1:1 THC:CBD Tincture, which is my lifeline, helped curb my minor muscle spasms when nothing else has. Having epilepsy also really amped up my anxiety and this really helps me get through the bad days. Mary’s 1:1 Transdermal compound is also my go-to for any headaches and seizure injuries. I’ll put this on bruises, my temples, and behind my ears.” Mary’s Medicinals is a cannabis company that provides products for relief, specifically individuals with cancer, epilepsy, and many other diagnoses. 

What is a seizure?

On a daily basis, our brains fire off electrical signals to tell our body what to do. When a person has a seizure, these signals are firing off at random. This could be compared to an electrical storm happening in your brain. Seizures are classified into two groups: Generalized, affecting both sides of the brain; and Focal, affecting just one area.

“If you’re like me, you can have ALL of these different types of seizures, which is known as secondary-generalized seizures. It starts as a focal seizure, then spreads across my brain making it a generalized seizure.”

-Christa, Contact Center Team Lead

supportive products

Mary’s Transdermal Compound 1:1

A spot-specific transdermal balm formulated to allow for much deeper penetration than traditional cannabis topicals. Features a 100mg blend of THC, CBD and CBC. Mary’s mission is to maximize the benefits of plant-based products to support a quality of life we all deserve.

Rise CBD Tincture

RISE CBD Tincture is non-psychoactive and designed to provide a feeling of relaxation, improved mood, and diminished anxiety.

The Remedy 1:1 CBN:CBD

The Remedy CBN:CBD contains 200 mg CBN:200 mg CBD per bottle. This full spectrum, safflower oil-based, vegan and sugar-free sublingual offers a soothing effect in a citrus and vanilla flavor. The synergistic properties of CBN and CBD promote whole body rest and relaxation with minimal intoxicating effects, making the two cannabinoids a winning combination. Half ounce (15mL) bottle.

hot to get involved

 If you want to learn more information about epilepsy, get involved, or just send a simple donation, The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is a great organization that provides support and education for the cause.

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