Flower Friday: Candela

Candela: Premium indoor flower

Cannabis has been mainly classified into three separate groups; indica, sativa, and hybrid; but then dives deeper with terpenes and cannabinoids that add flavor and provide certain sensations. You can learn more about grouping, terpenes, and cannabinoids by reading our intro post for Flower Friday! 


This weeks Flower Friday feature is Candela! Their main focus is hash rosin, and premium indoor flower that has exceptional potency, flavor and aromas. Based in Michigan, Candela delivers when it comes to a unique, quality product. Whether you want a simple elevation, an increase in creativity, or pain relief; their potency is on point. They offer Indica, Sativa and Hybrid flower that is placed into colorful air tight bags, you won’t be able to resist taking a whiff! 


Breeze offers many strains of Candela Flower like Sunset GelatoCrunchberries, and more! Ask a budtender in-store which strain would work best for you, or get it delivered right to your door!

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