Flower Friday: Intro to Indica, Sativa & Hybrid

do INDICa, Sativa, and Hybrid really matter?

Cannabis has been mainly classified into three separate groups; indica, sativa, and hybrid.  While the discovery of cannabinoids and terpenes, gives us a better understanding of the effects, scent and taste of cannabis, this category system has still stood strong as a way to decipher between flower as a key indicator of general effects and appearance of the cannabis flower.

Each strain of flower has their own specific terpene, cannabinoid and effects profile and hits everyone differently because we also have our very own body chemistry. Most cannabis descriptions in the industry today focuses a lot on terpene profile and cannabinoids, and then categorizes those into indica, sativa and hybrids. Indica’s are calm and relaxing, and are  good for chilling out and may be supportive with body pain relief, insomnia and appetite stimulation. Sativa’s are quite the opposite by giving a more euphoric head high that can be helpful with headaches or for focusing; and Hybrids are simply either a combination or leaning more dominate toward either Sativa or Indica! But when it comes down to it, indica, sativa, and hybrid are simply the “lean” or a way to describe the physical appearance of the plant and flower, while terpenes like Pinene and cannabinoids like THC provide a better idea on what the actual effects of each strain will be. 

Ask your budtender which category is best for you, as all flower is diverse and provide a numerous amount of effects and flavor! Breeze is open for in-store shopping, curbside or delivery! Stay tuned for more Flower Friday as we introduce upcoming brands and our favorites that are worth trying!

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