High Times Flower Review

 By: Emily K. 

After the last High Times Drop, I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for us this month. To no surprise, but to great enjoyment, all three of the strains were high quality. In general, you can tell this company cares about the product they are putting out from the quality of the flower, to the packaging and marketing…this is the real deal. Each of the eighths were shake free, stem free, with great nug selection free of larf. The cure was exactly what I wanted to see; uniform across the strains, tight and dense nugs that had a nice crisp while retaining some bounce and stickiness. For me, the most exciting part of the unveiling was how unique each of the terpene profiles and nug structures were compared to each other. I love seeing multiple strains come out of a harvest together and retain their individuality; this is the sign of a cultivation squad who knows and cares about what they are doing. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these products, and hope they inspire you to get your hands on some fire this weekend or to prepare for the next exclusive drop. 



 Ratso’s Delight — Ice Cream Cake — Hybrid

At first glance the Ratso’s delight seemed like the less appealing choice, mind you all three were beautiful, so it’s like choosing between the prettiest gemstones. The bud structure was tight and compact, the nugs rounded and dense. Fresh green colors with a beautiful shine from the trichomes. The tangy, piney, slightly fruity and bright aroma filled the air as soon as the jar was cracked. Immediately I knew this unique terpene blend would be even better once smoked. Upon inhalation, the taste deepened slightly into a smooth creamy flavor while retaining notes of those fresh, tangy, almost fruity flavors that were present while smelling. Ratso’s Delight truly was a delight; great bud presentation, strong unique terpene blend that held through the smoking process, and a great euphoric hybrid high.


Night Moves — Cookies Gelato — Indica

Right away, being a Michigan native, I saw the jar, started singing the classic Seger tune, and had to get my nose in the jar. I opened to find big beautiful dark green nugs with hues of purple, balanced by bright orange pistils and trichomes. The funk was strong with this strain. Dark fruits powered by deep earthy notes blending with a hint of vanilla, incredibly pungent while having such a smooth aftertaste. The high was a very relaxing experience. The terpene profile alone indicated that it would be a more sedative, calming strain and was not shocked to experience exactly that: a smooth smoke that helped my mind relax and make the body more comfortable. As usual the flavor morphed while smoking, this time into a deep deliciously creamy and savory treat that still offered bits of the fruity notes. This is an excellent flower to pair with a glass of your favorite bold red wine and have a relaxing evening in.


Mind Blown — Eastside OG — Sativa

Eastside OG is bred from 6 different cuts of OG to produce a “secret OG formula”. Right away, it was obvious this was an OG true to form. This bright green bud was dripping in trichomes, instantly appealing to the eye. That classic gassy, oily, sour aroma filled the air and I knew I’d be in for a treat. Upon smoking, the flavor was much more sour and sweet than the gas that initially hit my senses. It made for a very bright and energetic experience, where I felt the smile creep over my face almost immediately.

If you are a connoisseur of cannabis, this strain is sure to unlock some nostalgia as you enjoy it.

It was difficult to decide on a favorite strain out of the three since they were all fire. Each strain is so unique and suited for a different reaction, so choosing the “best” will depend on what the consumer is hoping to experience. Regardless of what strain you choose, you’ll be getting to experience top-notch cannabis, while getting in on a very exclusive drop–you don’t want to miss it.

Emily Koehler
Call Center Manager

At 27 Emily Koehler is already a cannabis industry veteran. This hardcore cannabis enthusiast and aficionado is looking to break the negative stigma attached to the industry & show that it is full of compassionate people that are working hard to improve others’ quality of life. Emily is also known as the “Queen of Blunts” by her friends and loves pet weasels.