High Times Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Judge Kits On Sale 4/16!


Can I Purchase a judge kit at Breeze?

Our Breeze Hazel Park location will have a limited number of High Times Judge Kits available for purchase beginning Saturday, April 16th! Judge kits are first come first served, lining up prior to 9am is encouraged to secure the kit you’d like! No medical kits will be sold at Breeze.

What should I expect upon arrival?

Judge Kits go on sale at Breeze Hazel Park Saturday, April 16th. We have a limited number of kits per category and they are first come first served. It’s encouraged to line up prior to 9am to secure the kit you’re looking for.

Upon arrival, there will be a High Times Cannabis Cup booth set up behind our building at Breeze Hazel Park. Lining up will begin with a pre-registration where we will ask your name, phone number, email, and what kit you’re looking purchase. Due to the limited amount of judge kits available, please come prepared with a second or third option if your first is not available. You must remain in line after registration to secure your kit.

Is there a limit to the amount of kits I can purchase?

Only 1 kit per category, per customer is sold. No customer can purchase more than 1 kit of any category. However, customers can purchase 1 kit from each category, within the legal limits per transaction. Due to the limited amount of kits available, each customer will be asked to get back in line for additional kits purchased from other categories. 

If you’re looking to purchase other items outside of the kit from Breeze, you must complete a separate transaction with one of our Breeze Curbside Budtenders.

What payment options are available?

Acceptable payment options include cash or a pin-secured debit card can be used with our cashless ATM for a $3.50 fee. We also have an ATM onsite.

Can I use my discount or Club breeze on judge kits?

Unfortunately, no discounts or Club Breeze points can be applied to your Judge Kit purchase. However, as a loyal Club Breeze rewards member, you will still be earning Club Breeze for your purchase.

What should I bring with me?

Adult-Use Judge Kits can be sold to those over 21+ years of age. You will need to have your government issued photo ID present to complete your purchase. Expired IDs are accepted.

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