Indoor Showroom is Now Open!

breeze battle creek & hazel park open to the public!

Stop by our Battle Creek or Hazel Park locations and experience the showroom at Breeze again! Our space provides our customers with a bright, visual experience. Walk in the doors and step into our lobby where you will be greeted by a staff member and are able to check-in. Upon entering the showroom, brilliant, crystal clear cases line the perimeter where customers are able to view every product. While figuring out what brands you’re taking home, a friendly Breeze bud tender can assist with any questions, concerns, or personalized recommendations to get out in and out with the support that you need! There are many popular brands to choose from as you walk through and inspect the colorful displays in the showroom such as Goldkine and Hyman! If edibles are your choice of consumption, brands like Kiva, Camino and Dixie are perfect for discreet use or to share! We also carry great concentrates from brands like Dazed, fan favorite pre-rolls from Jeeter, and infamous vapes from brands like Breeze Canna and OozeX! We are absolutely eager to see our customers’ faces, come by and say high!

show stoppers in the show room

So why not stop by and get to see your favorite brands being shown off, while maybe even getting your hands on some new products! Can’t make it into our indoor showroom? Try Breeze curbside pick-up and delivery!

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