Meet Lemonati Family Farms & Our Top 5 Strains to Try

At Breeze, we love a brand that gives back to a good cause (and cultivates good weed, too). The Lemonati Family Farm does both with expert branding that offers consumers a unique way to consume (we’ll get to how soon!).

Small batch and environmentally conscious, the brand aims to tell a story with every bud sold. They do so successfully with their eclectic social media presence, one-of-a-kind packaging, and a conspiracy movement that you’ll be hyped to buy into.

So, what’s the story behind the superior enlightenment that the Illuminati-esque Lemonati Family Farms is producing? Find out, and keep reading to learn everything there is to know about the brand, as well as our team’s picks for the best Lemonati strains to try!

Our Eyes on Lemonati Family Farms

First and foremost, Lemonati Family Farms cultivates “cannabis with a purpose.” The brand’s most recent series of Lemonati strains, “Defiance,” is designed to bring attention to those who were imprisoned for non-violent cannabis offenses. As the brand puts it best themselves, “every strain represents a way cannabis is used and also a reason you could have ended up imprisoned in the United States, past and present.”

To help advocate, $1 of each unit sold from the collection is donated to Freedom Grow, a non-profit that’s dedicated to helping cannabis prisoners gain freedom and supporting them while incarcerated with commissary money, outreach, and education. The Defiance series goes a step further by putting the buds in a package that looks like a milk carton. This is a nod to the nostalgic “missing person” ads of the past, which are now locked up and forgotten.

On the cultivation side of things, Lemonati Family Farms stands out from the crowd by focusing on the art and science of the plant to enhance aroma, flavor, and effects. To do so, the Lemonati Family seeks out cultivars with optimal characteristics, like high levels of terpenes, and maintains a hydroponics process that’s free of “unintended biological input,” like bacteria and metals.

Keeping their crops as natural as natural can be, their experienced team cultivates an environment that nurtures the highest plant expressions in fragrance and potency while using 70% less fertilizer than most facilities. This dedication to letting the plant grow to its full potential naturally comes through with major bag appeal and an aroma that’s loud each time you open the jar.

For those consumers who prefer the finer things in life and flavor-forward flower, we’ve got you covered at Breeze with a wide selection of Lemonati strains to choose from. Let’s get into our favorites, next.


The Top Five Lemonati Strains to Try


Let’s preface our list by saying that if you can get your hands on any Lemonati strain, go for it. The exclusive collections tend to fly off the shelves, but of course we have our favorites to share anyway. Here’s our Breeze take on the Lemonati Family Farm’s top five strains all Michigan cannabis consumers should add to their list to try.


#1 – The Caregiver


The Caregiver is a variety of the Strawberry Shortcake strain that’s satisfyingly sweet and fruity. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, which makes it one of our favorite Lemonati strains for unwinding at night before bed. If you’re into strains that taste as good as they look, Caregiver shows off a purplish-pink hue that’s just as breathtaking as its aroma.


#2 – The Patient


Lemonati Family Farm’s “The Patient” strain is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. The indica-dominant hybrid has an ideal balance of euphoric and relaxing effects that will lift the mood after a stressful day. The Patient is extra icy, which adds to its potency and appearance appeal, and has a sweet vanilla flavor that has hints of spice and earthiness.


#3 – The Grower


The Grower is another sweet cross of two popular strains, Zkittles and Wedding Cake. Another indica-dominant hybrid, The Grower is sweet and earthy in flavor and aroma and highly pleasurable in its effects for the body and mind. Rounding out the Defiance series are The Plug and The Activist strains, which are just as elite and satisfying as the rest of the series.


#4 – Mari-Lwyd


One of their most ambiguous natural selection strains, is Mari-Lwyd, named for a wassailing folk custom native to South Wales. As the package suggests, the namesake tradition surrounds an eponymous hobby horse, which is made from a horse’s skull, on a pole. You’ll experience a buzz that’s just as mystifying and chock-full of flavor.


#5 – Lemonati Pisces


Just recently launched, is Lemonati Family Farm’s Zodiac collection, with a strain representing each zodiac sign. Our favorite is Lemonati Pisces, which is a cross between 1994 Super Skunk and Mandarin Sunset. The end result is a skunky and pungent strain that has hints of natural herbs, spices, and earthy berries.


Shop Lemonati Family Farm at Breeze


In today’s modern world of weed, it’s more than just getting any bag from your “plug.” Every sesh has the possibility of being an experience. Consumers have the freedom to choose from a wide selection of brands, product types, and strains based on their unique desires and preferences. So, do your part and support those who are doing time for doing the same by shopping Lemonati Family Farm’s Defiance series and more!

Breeze is thrilled to be supporting these freedoms by offering the Michigan cannabis community all the best brands from our home state and the premium brands from across the US, too. To stay in touch with the freshest drops, latest launches, and exclusive discounts, connect with Breeze socially, on Facebook or Instagram! Or, sign up for even more with Club Breeze, our customer reward loyalty program.

Now, go on, shop Lemonati Family Farms and more at Breeze! Order online for pick-up or delivery, or stop in one of our locations near you.

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