Munchie Mondays : Tips on Consuming Edibles

make your summer fun with these consumption tips

Nervous about trying edibles? Don’t be! Whether you have had an eventful experience, or you’ve never tried any at all, this series is for you! Munchie Mondays will touch base on tips for consumption, bring yummy recipes to make for your summer events, and even suggest products to use when cooking!

Tips on Consumption

Always read the packaging to make sure you know how much you are taking and to understand how long it could take to feel effects. This is where a lot of people go wrong when eating a delicious gummy or brownie, the amount matters!



Start with a low dose and wait the recommended amount of time before adding more. The memes on the internet are funny, but the last thing you want is to over consume! Wait it out! 



Eating before consuming edibles may keep effects more gradual and consistent. Think of it as eating before you take a prescription, a little food in your belly beforehand always helps!


Make sure you are in a comfortable environment. No one wants to be uncomfortable and anxious!



Edibles do not work with everyone, as each body and product is different. You may need to experiment to find what is right for you! Ask a friendly budtender at Breeze about an edible your curious about and see if works for you!



Products by Dixie are a great way to start micro-dosing and testing the waters, and Select or The 8th by White Boy Rick Gummies are tasty and come in many different flavors if you’re more of a pro! Shop in our indoor showroom, order curbside, or get your faves delivered!

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