Munchies: National Cooking Day Edition!

National cooking day calls for delicious infused munchies

Happy National Cooking Day! Although this holiday comes only once a year, Breeze has your back! Take a look at all of these wonderful recipes and make delicious infused munchies whenever you’d like! Need some tips on consuming edibles? Check out these Breeze Consumption Tips!



Graham Crackers 


Mojo Chocolates (or any infused chocolates preferred)

Roast Marshmallows, and place between two graham crackers with delicious infused chocolate!


No Bake Potdot Cookies


Infused Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza


Infused Watermelon Popsicles


Infused Strawberry Lemonade


Ask a budtender in-store about infusing, and what products may work best for you! Stop by to say high, order curbside, or get BREEZE delivered!

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