The Top 7 Runtz Strains Near Me – Metro Detroit Edition!

Runtz might not be everyone’s favorite treat at the candy shop, but is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite strain at the dispo. Considering the west coast strain didn’t make its debut on shelves until 2018, its rapid rise to the top is intriguing, to say the least. 

In fact, in just a few years, Runtz has claimed fame as the most searched-for strain on the internet, is referenced in over 100 rap songs, and is winning over medical and recreational consumers alike. 

So, what’s so sweet about the top Runtz strains? Let’s find out with Breeze’s ultimate guide to Runtz strain benefits and help you find ‘runtz strains near me’ to try the trending strain yourself!  

Meet the Gene: Runtz

The Runtz strain is a hybrid of two sweet and highly coveted parent strains, Gelato and Zkittlez. Originally bred by some of the most notable breeders in Cali, Dying Breed Seeds and Cookies, you could say Runtz was destined for high notoriety, too. Which it rightfully gained, by winning Leafly’s strain of the year, in 2020. 

Today, consumers care less about the strain’s past and more about real-time Runtz strain benefits. From appearance, aroma, and taste, to Runtz strain effects, here’s the low down on all the traits of the top-shelf genetic – 

  • Aroma and taste – The Runtz strain is chock-full of the terpenes Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Limonene, which lend to its complex, and enticing aroma and taste. From breaking up the bud to sparking it up, Runtz treats consumers to candy-like, sugary sweetness, that has a hint of berries, tropical fruit, and undertones of all-natural, herbal, and earthiness.  
  • Effects – Remarkably, Runtz is a nearly equal 50/50 indica to sativa strain, meaning it provides well-balanced effects ideal for day or night. Euphoria and an uplifted mood are two of the most notable Runtz strain effects, but smoker beware – as it’s also well-known for producing a mad case of the munchies, AKA stimulating the appetite, too. 
  • Appearance – Runtz looks as good as it smells, tastes, and feels, with dense, vibrant green, and rich purple buds that shimmer with a heavy coating of crystal-like trichomes.

Of course, as soon as a strain becomes beloved itself, it’s bound to be cross-bred into hybrids. At dispensaries today, you’ll not only find the OG Runtz strain for sale but also all-new twists on the original (with similar traits you already know you’ll love). Next, we’ll cover the top Runtz strains Metro Detroit residents can purchase, at a storefront near you. 

The Top 7 Runtz Strains Near Me in Metro Detroit 

Whether you’re a Runtz aficionado or seeking it out for the first time, finding a local dispensary that offers a wide variety of strain hybrids, or consumption methods, is key. So, continue reading to learn more about the 7 top Runtz strains, the Michigan brands that produce them, and where you can buy them. 


How do you know Metro Detroit loves the OG Runtz strain? Anyone, and everyone, is cultivating and extracting it! Some of the biggest Michigan cultivators like Primitiv and Deeper Roots offer Runtz Flower, while Element produces high-quality Runtz resin, and Platinum and Terpene Tanks offer Runtz vape carts, too. 

The same cross of Zkittlez x Gelato is also often called White Runtz – most likely, from its outer layer of frosty white, resinous trichomes. 

Pineapple Runtz 

White Runtz x Pineapple Kush = Pineapple Runtz, a summer-fueled strain that bursts with vacay-like flavors. Reminiscent of your favorite fruity drink, the strain offers sweet, refreshing scents of berries, and pineapple, and has a hint of herbal earthiness just like Runtz OG. This Runtz variety also produces euphoric good vibes, but is slightly more indica. This helps calm the mind of everyday stresses while completely relaxing the body of everyday aches and pains. As always, Goldkine pulls through with a top-shelf version of the Pineapple Runtz strain – Metro Detroit edition! 

Grape Runtz 

Another fruity take on the original Runtz comes to us from Grape Runtz. This quadruple cross combines Zkittles, Gelato, Grape Ape, and OG Kush for extra layers of good flavor and sweet, satisfying effects. Again, this version is just slightly more indica for a relaxing body buzz but still produces the same uplifting, giddy, happy, and hunger-fueled effects. Try this Weedy’s version of Grape Runtz that comes in a jar that’s as fun and vibrant as the strain inside. 

Pink Runtz 

It’s said that Pink Runtz is just a phenotype of the original Runtz lineage, which explains the strain’s exhilarating effects with the same fresh flavors. You’ll notice the Pink Runtz flower has deeper, richer green coloring, but for the most part, you can expect the same type of buzz as the OG. 

Purple Runtz

Same for Purple Runtz, this variety is another phenotype produced by the Zkittlez x Gelato cross. It’s said to be more calming in effects than its counterpart, and guess what? More purple in color, too. If you love grinding up that purple majesty mountain of flower and the Runtz buzz, get yourself some Purple Runtz from Pressure Pack to experience both! 

Greasy Runtz 

Are you a fan of the taste of gassy-diesel fuel with your fire? Then Greasy Runtz is for you. This hybrid is a combo of Grease Monkey x Runtz that not only delivers a unique twist on flavor but ultra-potent levels of THC. With more indica-dominant effects, Greasy Runtz is a go-to for nighttime use when you want to feel completely blissful, from head to toe. Right here in Detroit, this top Runtz strain is cultivated by none other than The 8th by White Boy Rick. Pick up a pack of pre-rolls to try it yourself! 

Detroit Runtz 

There ain’t no Runtz like a Detroit Runtz, ‘cause Detroit don’t stop – it grinds! Runtz Detroit is a unique, motor city take on the strain, cultivated locally by GANS Detroit Cannabis and available in pre-roll packs. It combines Runtz x Greasy Runtz to double the Runtz strain benefits and qualities while enhancing potency and increasing the strain’s indica-dominant effects. 

The Bottom Line – Runtz Strains Metro Detroit Style 

If you’re searching for Runtz strains near me in Metro Detroit or other popular strains, Breeze always has your back. We’re proud to offer one of the widest selections of Runtz strains for sale, with exemplary service, and our Club Breeze rewards program that helps you earn as you spend. 

With online ordering and order pick-up, it’s never been more of a breeze to get the cannabis you need to fuel your wellness routines. Shop these top Runtz strains and more on our website now, or stop in our storefront in Hazel Park for an in-person experience with our friendly cannabis specialists. 

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