Terpene Tanks – Potent, Pure, and Flavorful

3 vape systems perfect for any consumer!

Terpene Tanks offer the most potent, pure, and flavorful concentrates on the market. From their artisan extractors to master growers, they have spent years perfecting their “Terp Temp Technology.” Harnessing the power of Terpenes giving each strain a more targeted experience – designed with flavor in mind! 

The Terpene Tanks team offers a wide variety of flavors and three different vape systems to accommodate all smokers, no matter the preference. This versatility is perfect for consumers looking for delivery systems that provides the most flavorful vapor!

The Maxx and VFire batteries also offer personalization with multiple color options to maximize versatility! 

510 threAD/ ccell CARTS





“CCELL Ceramic Cartridges were engineered to deliver the most flavorful vapor and largest clouds for various viscosity, especially high viscosity, without any compromise.”

Most well known battery option and universally used with other brands also!






vFire pods offer a unique airflow channel for smoother hits, preventing any oxidation for cleaner, safer hits. This cartridge option has a sleeker, smaller build for a more comfort and discreet experience. Plus a battery capacity that can last!




Hardy and Long lasting with 2000 puffs – MAXX was designed with flavor in mind. The Terpene Tank engineers meticulously crafted “TERP TEMP TECHNOLOGY” to produce maximum flavor paired with maximum vapor.

This Terp Temp Technology enhances and preserves taste always making it a flavorful hit!


Head to Terpene Tanks, Maxx Pod website, to learn how to use their Maxx Pod battery! 

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