Terpene Thursday: Myrcene

calm and relax with myrcene

Terpenes, one of the most important aspects of the cannabis plant. But what are they? In simple terms, terpenes are what provide the aromatic scent to many flowers and herbs. Cannabis alone contains more than 150 types of terpenes, but many are present in trace amounts. The more significant terpenes, like Limonene, are far more prominent and give cannabis strains their profiles! When cannabis is consumed, terpenes also provide us with different functionalities for therapy, mood stabilization and more! 

Myrcene, one of the more abundant terpenes found in cannabis, specifically has a earthy scent. It not only can be found in terpene specific cannabis plants, but mangos, thyme, hops, and lemongrass as well! Myrcene may assist in relaxation, allowing you to end your night on a calm note. It may even assist in cannabinoid absorption, which is why they say that mangos get cause us to get higher!
Breeze carries numerous products that have the Myrcene terpene profile. Strains such as Grape Ape, OG Kush, and White Widow are popular picks! Check out some of the products below that carry Myrcene and try for yourself! Regardless, Breeze has your back, ask your budtender in-store on which ones are best for you! 


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