Where to Buy Dream Edibles in Metro Detroit: Our Top 5 Favorites!

Life is but a dream… when you have Dream Edibles to enjoy. The hand-crafted THC infused caramels are made for gourmet tastes and happily serve the foodie and connoisseur sides of the cannabis community. 


So what do you need to know about the dreamy line of caramels that come from a notorious and native Michigan brand? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to Dream Edibles, including the answer to the question – where to buy Dream Edibles in Metro Detroit? 


It Was All A Dream: Edibles 

Dream Edibles is another Lion Labs Michigan production, which you may know from their other notable brands – Element live resin cartridges, Loco infused pre-rolls and Rise Wellness products! The Dream team takes pride in every caramel they produce, which features locally grown and made ingredients like – 


  • Hasselman’s Honey from The Great Lakes Bee Company – Fremont, MI
  • Cream from Guernsey Farms – Northville, MI
  • Koeze Cream-Nut peanut butter – Grand Rapids, MI


Even more, the caramales are gluten-free, soy-free, and made with no GMOs for consumers with specific sensitivities. But enough about behind the scenes; let’s get into the good stuff. Next, let’s cover the BREEZE team’s favorite Dream Edibles in Metro Detroit. 


The Top 5 Dream Edibles to Buy in Metro Detroit 

In the modern era of weed, there’s no reason to eat edibles that don’t taste good. Even better is when edibles taste great! If you’re looking for an elevated, gourmet edible, this is the list for you! So without further ado, here are the BREEZE team’s picks for the top 5 Dream Edibles to try first. 


Dream Edibles Sea Salt Caramel 

Smooth, sweet, and salty—what’s not to love about Dream Edibles Sea Salt Caramels? By far the biggest crowd favorite, the sea salt version of Dream Edibles caramel is everything you want in a sugary treat, with the added buzz of 10 MG THC per bite. The cannabis infusion is also full-spectrum meaning you’re treated to THC and terpenes for a full-bodied experience in taste and effects. Add to your fall charcuterie board, next to apple slices and your favorite cheese, for an enhanced way to snack! 


Dream Edibles Peanut Butter Caramel 

Another beloved flavor combo next on our list of favorite caramel edibles for sale by Dream is their Peanut Butter Caramel. Enjoy every bite of the creamy and smooth peanut butter swirled with sweet and gooey caramel and covered with chopped nuts before the full-spectrum effects kick in. Take one for just a mild high, or indulge in extra, depending on your tolerance and dosage preference. 


Dream Edibles Dark Chocolate Potdots 

Speaking of dosage, Potdots are a great go-to for those who like to microdose or have a hard time stopping when feeding their elevated sweet tooth! Dosed at just 1 mg per “dot” you can grab a handful of Dream Edibles Dark Chocolate Potdots or count them out for just the right buzz. 


Dream Edibles Dulce de leche Caramel 

A classic yet elevated take on caramel chews gets the dulce de leche treatment from Dream Edibles. No thrills and all flavor; you’ll see the specks of vanilla bean in each bite as you enter your state of dreaminess – from the sweet treat to the better buzz! If you love the creamy and ooey gooey nature of caramel, this is Dream Edibles choice for you. 

Dream Edibles Milk Chocolate Potdots 

Last but not least are Dream Edibles Potdots in Milk Chocolate. With the same easy nature of microdosing, the Belgian milk chocolate version is a bit sweeter than the dark chocolate version, with the same smooth, customizable high. 


Finding Dream Edibles in Metro Detroit at BREEZE

At BREEZE, we ensure we keep our shelves stocked with a wide range of edibles for the Michigan cannabis community. That includes Dream Edibles sea salt caramels, peanut butter caramels, Potdots, and more! Make BREEZE your neighborhood cannabis retail store and easily place an online order for pick-up, delivery, or stop by to meet our friendly canna-specialists. 


Before you do, don’t forget to sign up for Club BREEZE rewards where you earn points with every purchase. Stay tuned for more product guides, education, and more from your friends at BREEZE. 

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