The Top 5 Hash Rosin Disposable Vapes to Try In Metro Detroit!

hash rosin disposable vape

From distillate to live resin and now hash rosin, there’s now a wide range of vape carts and disposable vapes for consumers to choose from. But without knowing what makes each one unique, how can you decide which is best for you? 


The latest type of vape cart to increase in popularity among the Michigan cannabis community, is hash rosin disposable vapes. So, what makes hash rosin different, and which are some of the best to try first in the Metro Detroit area? 


As always, Breeze has your back! Keep reading for our ultimate guide to hash rosin disposable vapes, including the definition of hash rosin and our team’s favorite 5 to try. 


What is Hash Rosin? 


Hash rosin refers to cannabis extract that’s extracted from the plant using only heat and pressure. Also referred to as “solventless” vs. solvent-based extractions that use solvents like butane, alcohol, or CO2. It’s one of the most natural ways to consume the most potent compounds of the plant, hence the allure of a hash rosin disposable vape. 


Another benefit of hash rosin is that consumers are treated to the full-spectrum of the plant’s compounds without getting degraded during volatile solvent-based extraction processes. That means, in addition to cannabinoids, hash rosin disposable vapes are often higher in natural terpenes that offer their own unique effects and add to the “entourage effect”. 


If you’re unfamiliar with that term – the entourage effect is a well-researched phenomenon that shows cannabinoids and terpenes amplify one another’s effects when consumed together vs. apart. Hence, some distillates or isolates might produce what feels like an “empty” high, while flower, rosin, or full-spectrum products will feel much more profound or intense. 


Ready to try some hash rosin yourself? Let’s get into one of the easiest ways to consume the precious concentrate – disposable vapes! 


The Top 5 Hash Rosin Disposable Vapes in Metro Detroit 


Disposable vapes serve as a convenient way to consume hash rosin, especially for those who aren’t fans of dabs. So to get you started, here are our choices for our favorite 5 to try first! 


Mac Pharms x Packwoods Disposable Hash Rosin Vape Mango Lychee


For a taste of summer all year round, you can rely on Mac Pharms x Packwoods Disposable Hash Rosin Vape in Mango Lychee. Not only do we love the flavor of each puff from this disposable vape, but we also love its sturdy shape and size and comfortable mouthpiece. The vibrant and refreshing fruity taste lingers on your tongue as you delight in uplifting and well-balanced hybrid effects. 


Skunk House x Pro Gro Disposable Hash Rosin Vape Cherry Burger


Our next favorite hash rosin disposable vape comes from Skunk House x Pro Gro and their Cherry Burger edition. Cherry Burger is one of Skunk House’s OG genetics that has an out-of-this-world type of flavor of savory garlic mixed with skunky gas and the fruity aroma of cherry cookies on top! Every inhale will have you wanting more, but beginner’s beware – with potent effects, and a tendency to induce sleepiness, this might be a preferred nighttime vape for most. 


Mac Pharms x Packwoods Disposable Hash Rosin Vape Minty Runtz


We love a good minty hash rosin disposable vape, and Mac Pharms x Packwoods’ Minty Runtz is definitely at the top of our favorites list! In the same sturdy package with a clear view window into just how much hash rosin you have left, Minty Runtz delivers an invigorating burst to anyone’s day! Its effects are euphoric, uplifting, and even giggly, for an all around elevated experience from the first hit to the last. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Disposable Vape White Truffle


Want 5-star flavor from a 5-star hash rosin dipsosable vape? Look no further than White Truffle from Society C! Best savored after-dinner, this indica dominant strain shines in its pure hash rosin form with a skunky and earthy flavor profile. Delivering a relaxing buzz, that’ll leave your mind and body feeling stoned, it’s perfect for quiet evenings at home or Netflix-n-chilling, too. 


Society C Live Hash Rosin Disposable Vape Spritzer


Last but not least, our final favorite is also from Society C, but this time, it’s their Spritzer edition. This exotic genetic is a cross of Runtz x Grape Pie x Mac for a flavor explosion in your mouth. The pure nature of Society C’s premium live hash rosin only amplifies the trio’s taste combo, which is fruity, spicy, and gassy. The hybrid is nearly equal parts indica and sativa for balancing effects on the mood, body, and mind. 


Hash Rosin Disposable Vapes at Breeze 


Whether you’re searching for the latest and greatest cannabis products or the old standards, Breeze has them all. Our mission is to serve the Metro Detroit cannabis community, with the biggest selection of high-quality and cost-effective products that fit every consumer’s unique lifestyle. For hash rosin disposable vapes, start with our list of favorites here, or browse our current selection online now! 


Even better? Breeze makes it a breeze to re-up and keep up with your stash. Order online for pick-up or delivery, or stop in our store for help from one of our friendly canna specialists! 

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