The Top 5 Monster Xtracts Vape Carts Near You: Find At Breeze!

Monster Xtracts vape

One of the OGs of the vape scene is Monster Xtracts, with their highly versatile (and recognizable) line of cannabis vape carts. Today, the brand has expanded even further with a fresh variety of Monster Xtracts vapes, Monster Xtracts Dart Pods, and even Monster Medibles


Over the years, Monster Xtracts vapes have become a reliable, consistent, and affordable go-to for the Michigan cannabis community. So, if you’re new to vaping or looking for a new brand to try, you’re in the right place. 


Keep reading to learn more about Monster Xtracts and the Breeze team’s top recommendations for which vapes to try first! 


Who is Monster Xtracts? 


Put simply, Monster Xtracts has been a player in the industry since day one. That means, over the years, they’ve been able to perfect their craft to support the Michigan cannabis community. A mission that means the most to the founders, who are passionate for their home state! 


What started off as a few determined individuals in Jackson, MI, is now a company recognizable across the Mitten state. Their second philosophy may be a good reason for their popularity among consumers. Which is to offer the best possible products at the fairest prices.


In their collection of Monster Xtracts vapes, there is their signature Monster Xtracts line, a PC Pure line, and an Oasis line. Each offers a variety of sativa, hybrid, and indica options, and all are 510-threaded. The brand also produces Monster Xtracts dart pods, a.k.a. PC Pure VFire pods, for consumers looking for even more discretion. 


Ready to find out which Monster Xtracts vape is for you? Up next is our team’s list of top recommendations! 


Top 5 Monster Xtracts Vapes to Try 


With such an extensive selection, it can be hard to decide which Monster Xtracts vape is right for you. Use this list of recommendations from our Breeze team as a guide for which ones to try first. 


Monster Xtracts Durban Poison 


One of the most legendary strains gets a modern twist in this Monster Xtracts vape. That features the purest oil from a strain that’s said to originate in the South African city of Durban. The pure sativa has energizing effects that we love to recommend to consumers who are looking for something for all-day use, or wake-and-bakes, specifically. 


Monster Xtracts Wedding Cake 


On the flip side, if you’re looking for an indica dominant buzz for nighttime use, the Monster Xtracts vape in Wedding Cake is for you! This vape cart averages around 80-83% THC for a potent experience and offers Wedding Cake’s notoriously relaxing effects. It tastes as sweet as its name sounds, with sweet and earthy flavors. 


Monster Xtracts Lava Cake 


Another indica dominant hybrid we love is Monster Xtracts Lava Cake. This Monster Xtracts vape also clocks in around 81% THC with a strain that’s also synonymous with pure relaxation – for the body and mind. Its cake name also gives you a clue into its sweet, vanilla-like flavor, which is the perfect after-dinner and nighttime treat. 


Oasis Strawberry Lemonade 


From the Monster Xtracts Oasis collection, we love Strawberry Lemonade, especially for the summer months (or when you need a taste of summer during our long winters!). The hybrid vape cart features fruity flavors of strawberry and citrus and contains all natural terpenes for the purest experience possible. Effect wise, expect a clear-headed euphoria that elevates the mood.  


PC Pure Super Lemon Haze 


Last but not least is another sativa dominant Monster Xtracts vape cart we can’t live without. The PC Pure Super Lemon Haze is one of our favorites for its uplifting energy that boosts the mood and productivity, too. The Monster Xtracts vape cart bursts with bright and refreshing citrus flavors that have a hint of earthiness on the after-taste. 


Breeze and Monster Xtracts – The Final Word 


At Breeze, we’re just as passionate about the Michigan cannabis community, which is why we’re so proud to offer the equally Michigan-forward Monster Xtracts! Rest assured, you can find Monster Xtracts, other craft Michigan brands, and, of course – the most iconic national brands, too, at Breeze. 


Find whatever you’re looking for, from Monster Xtracts vapes to edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolls, conveniently online or in-store in Hazel Park. Visit our website to place a pick-up or delivery order or to find directions to meet our friendly cannabis team in person! 


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