The Top 5 Stiiizy Pods Near Me: Our Picks in Metro Detroit!

When you think of vapes, you think of Stiiizy. That’s how recognizable the brand is among the cannabis community. The long-standing brand comes from the popular Juul era and practically began the vape movement with its iconic pods. Today, the brand has not only expanded across the US but also expanded its collection to offer more than just its proprietary pods. 


So, what do you need to know about Stiiizy the brand? Where can you find Stiiizy pods near me? And if you’re new to the community, which Stiiizy cartridges should you try first? As always, we’ve got you at Breeze! Keep reading to buy Stiiizy online with our team’s 5 favorite Stiiizy vapes to try first. 


Who is Stiiizy? 


With over 30 industry awards under their belt, if you don’t know Stiiizy by now, it’s time to find out! Stiiizy has been in business since 2017, getting its start in California and expanding into Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, and Michigan, too. 


As we mentioned, Stiiizy started with its vape pods and compatible battery devices. These devices are sold in the brand’s “Starter Kits” and come in a variety of colors for the consumer to customize to their own unique preferences. 


More dependable than most vape pen batteries, once you have your Stiiizy battery, simply pop in any of their premium pods to enjoy their equally dependable flavor and potency. Because Stiizy takes pride not only in offering what they call the most “advanced delivery system,” but also in the quality of the flower they cultivate to extract to make them. 


Of course, if you know anything about cannabis, to get to know a brand the best, you’ve got to try the goods for yourself! So, next, let’s dive deep into our Breeze team’s top 5 favorite Stiiizy vape pods to try in Metro Detroit.  


The Top 5 Stiiizy Vapes to Try First 


Not only can you count on Breeze for the latest and greatest cannabis products, but you can also count on our team for the best recommendations! To help make the most of your wellness routines, here are our favorite 5 Stiiizy vapes for you to try first. 


Stiiizy Pod OG Kush


You can never go wrong with a classic. The same is true for Stiiizy, the brand, and OG Kush the strain! Together, you’ll experience the purity of Stiiizy’s refined extraction processes along with the potent indica effects of the legendary Kush strain. Chock-full of terpenes, the Stiiizy OG Kush vape pod offers a unique taste that lingers on the tongue after each puff. But beginners beware – the potent relaxing effects are ideal for nighttime and are well-known for being quite sedating! 


Stiiizy Pod Hardcore OG 


The Hardcore OG Stiiizy Pod delivers a truly tasty indica-fueled experience. The strain is as potent as it is pungent in aroma and flavor, and Stiiizy does the best at capturing both! It has a blueberry lineage, so expect robust berry tastes that have undertones of sweet honey and herbaceous spice.As for effects, you’ll feel the strain’s hardcore indica side quickly, with a deep relaxation ideal for nighttime use. 


Stiiizy Pod Biscotti 


A pod puff you’ll crave comes from the Stiiizy Pod Biscotti! This Stiiizy cartridge is our favorite for a quick head high that’ll uplift the mood and boost your creativity to take on work or other tasks! It, of course, tastes like sweet baked treats but uniquely has hints of gassy diesel for a dynamic flavor experience. Pro tip? Take each puff slowly, as the strain is known to have slow burning effects that can creep up on beginners! 


Stiiizy Pod Blue Dream 


Again, another classic, the Stiiizy Pod Blue Dream, is one of our team’s and customers’ (and the world’s) favorites! Stiiizy does the legendary strain right by capturing its pure and rich berry flavors and its dreamy potency, too. Blue Dream is highly sought after coast to coast for its therapeutic-like benefits especially for improving the mood! 


Stiiizy Pod Pineapple Express


We don’t just share this Stiiizy cartridge flavor because it doubles as one of our favorite stoner movies, but because its flavor screams summer! If you prefer more balanced hybrid effects, this is definitely one of our go to Stiiizy pods for sale, especially to brighten the mood. The strain leans on the sativa side, offering consumers a burst of energetic effects while uplifting the mood by busting everyday stresses. 


Find Stiiizy Vapes at Breeze 


Now that you know what Stiiizy cartridges you need to try it’s time to figure out where to buy Stiiizy. For convenient Stiiizy delivery, or to buy Stiiizy online for store pick-up, look no further than Breeze! Where it’s our mission to make accessing the highest quality cannabis brands a “breeze”. 


Find these Stiiizy pods for sale at our cannabis retail store, or shop our extensive collection of brands and vapes online! Map your way to our east-side location in Hazel Park or west-side location in Battle Creek, and be sure to sign up for Club Breeze to make the most out of each purchase with loyalty rewards. 


Need Stiiizy pods near me? Think Breeze

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