The Top 6 Pro Gro Strains Near You – Metro Detroit Edition!

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With a name like Pro Gro, you know you can expect simple, professional-quality weed. What you may not expect is a variety of exotic genetics that consumers are increasingly seeking out to try for themselves. Over the last few years, Pro Gro has become synonymous with top-shelf flower and an expansive collection of strains. 


Already a Pro Gro fan? Or just hearing about Pro Gro cannabis for the first time? This is the guide for you! Here, you’ll learn more about the brand and get a deep dive into some of the most popular Pro Gro strains you might not have yet heard of. 


So keep reading for everything you need to know about Pro Gro cannabis and the BREEZE team’s picks for our favorite strains to try first! 


Who is Pro Gro? 


Pro Gro’s founders began as caregivers in the state’s medical program in 2008 and have collected the experience and expertise needed to perfect their craft over the years. Today, they curate a collection of 60+ strains for what they call “precision crafted cannabis” using the best genetics and growing methods, which are now available for medical and adult-use sales. 


The Top 6 Pro Gro Strains to Try 


It’s always nice to have a little help from your friends when it comes to selecting strains to try! That’s why our BREEZE team has compiled our list of the top six strains for you to pick up for your future seshes. 



The unique cross of Moonbow x Zkittlez equals the refreshingly fruity Moonmelon, Pro Gro strain. We love this strain’s fat, crystal coated buds (beware grinders!) and the sweet peach, citrus, and herbal aroma that’s pungent upon breaking up. As for effects, Moonmelon is a go-to for uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing effects at any time of day. 


Secret Formula 

Secret Formula is another rare genetic that’s a cross of White Fire 43 x Do-Si-Dos. The combination produces a complex taste with herbal, pine, and gassy flavors. Again, the buds are sticky-icky to the touch, and this Pro Gro strain is one best reserved for night. The indica dominant effects to expect are complete relaxation, both physically and mentally. 



Dosibow is another Moonbox variety, this time crossed with, you guessed it – Do-Si-Dos. The fresh flavored purple-ish buds burst with pungent floral, sweet candy-like, and lavender aromas. With a buzz that’s just as craveworthy, Dosibow is a beloved nighttime strain for its sedating and euphoric effects that are perfect for kicking back and relaxing. 


Red Runtz 

We all know and love Runtz, but get ready to love the Pro Gro strain, Red Runtz, just as much. This potent variety is a Gelato x Zkittlez genetic that offers a quick head high and high levels of euphoria. As for taste, it balances dank and sweet flavor notes that compliment the strain’s relaxing and creative effects. Red Runtz is one of our favorites for daytime use or stimulating the mind for brainstorming! 


Barbie Runtz 

It’s Barbie’s world; we just live in it! And we’re happy to live with and experience all that is Barbie Runtz, from Pro Gro Cannabis. The delightfully bright and vibrant Pro Gro strain is a cross of Barbie OG and Runtz and offers sweet vanilla and refreshing pine aromas, with a hint of berries and citrus for taste. Effect-wise, Barbie Runtz is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that’s ideal for unwinding with relaxing and mood-boosting effects. 


Rainbow Belts 2.0 

Another Zkittlez x Moonbow variety is our final Pro Gro strain favorite, Rainbow Belts 2.0. This High Times Cannabis Cup winning genetic is a potent hybrid that brings out the best of both worlds from both strains. Its aroma and flavor are rich in fruity, candy, and sweet flavors that deliver equally sweet effects that are ideal for social settings, relaxing, and euphoric. 


Pro Gro Strains at BREEZE

At BREEZE, we strive to keep the freshest selection of flower, and a wide variety of strains to serve the needs of the Michigan Cannabis Community. That’s why we love Pro Gro cannabis and their extensive selection of Pro Gro strains. Use this guide to choose which Pro Gro strain to try next, and sign up for Club BREEZE to get exclusive discounts and news on the freshest drops, too. 

Make BREEZE your go-to neighborhood cannabis retail store, and shop online or in-store today! 

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