The Top 6 Sauce Essentials Live Resin Disposables to Try Near You

There’s no such thing as too much sauce when it comes to Sauce Essentials live resin disposable vapes. The signature slim “Sauce Bar” vapes are synonymous with top-shelf vaping on the go and are available across the US in five different states. Available in a variety of strains, it can be difficult to choose which one to begin with. That’s why we’ve put together your ultimate guide. 

Keep reading for the BREEZE team’s top X picks for our favorite Sauce Essential live resin disposables to try first and our full Sauce Essentials disposable review. 


The Top 6 Sauce Essential Live Resin Disposables in Metro Detroit 


Sauce Essential’s slogan is “From the Earth, For the People,” and that’s what they deliver with their reliable, consistent, and quality live resin 1g disposable vapes. Today, Sauce Essentials produces more than just the “essentials” and now offers a special reserve collection, too. So, to help decide which Sauce Essentials live resin strains you should start off with first, here’s our favorite six. 


Black Truffle 


First up, is a reserve edition with Black Truffle. This premium strain is an indica dominant hybrid that’s as gourmet in flavor as the name it’s been given. It has a funky taste of menthol, tea, and lavender that’ll keep your tongue and taste buds on their toes. Despite being indica in nature, the strain will leave you feeling calm in social settings, so you’re energetic, giddy, and talkative. 


Granddaddy Purp 


Purps, Sauce Essentials live resin disposable style. You can never go wrong with the legendary Granddaddy Purp or GDP and that’s no different for Sauce Essentials live resin disposables. Another indica dominant hybrid, we specially reserve GDP for nighttime use for its comfortably relaxing effects that are equally euphoric for the body and mind. As for flavor, expect to take in all the strain’s robust flavors of berries and grapes. 


White Widow


Another daytime choice, is White Widow that we turn to for potent energy and euphoria when we need it the most. One of the more natural tasting choices, White Widow is organic in flavor with hints of hash, herbal-ness, and refreshing pine notes. After a few puffs you’ll be ready to take on your most creative tasks, or check off those final to-do’s. 


Strawberry Cough 


Strawberry Cough is one of those standby strains that’ll always have your back when it comes to daytime use and energetic effects. The Sauce Essentials live resin disposable version is one of our favorites for the strain due to its sweet flavor and smooth delivery – despite the strain’s notorious “cough” inducing nature. 




Another go-to is Sauce Essential’s live resin disposable in Gelato. Upon your first puff, you’ll already be guessing which flavor you like the best – its’ refreshing berry, sugary vanilla, or earthy lavender notes. The well-balanced hybrid is ideal for nighttime or daytime use and delivers an uplifted yet relaxed mood within minutes.


Blue Cookies


What’s better than Girl Scout Cookies? Blue Cookies – a cross of GSC x Blueberry for a berry-fueled indica-dominant buzz. It’s known for being highly potent (Sauce Essentials version clocks in at around 85%) and producing an unmatched euphoria. Beyond its good feels that are perfect for unwinding at night, we love the bursts of blueberry that have earthy undertones and even hints of cherry. 


Sauce Essentials Live Resin Disposables Near You: Metro Detroit 


Vaping is by far one of the favorite consumption methods across the Metro Detroit area. If you’re a part of this growing vaping community, Sauce Essentials is a must-know. The Sauce Essentials live resin disposables are a tried-and-true choice to turn to for a quality buzz and top-shelf flavors. 


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