Butter Cannabis Near You – Our Top 4 Favorite Strains To Try

Butter, the cannabis brand, is quite literally smooth like butter. From its strain selections, to packaging, to the way its flower and pre-rolls smoke…just, smooth as smooth could be! Even its mission is smooth, as the cultivators set out to produce better weed, for a “butter” world. 


Or, as the brand explains more in-depth, their goal is to “make high quality products for all and in doing so, better society.”


Is Butter cannabis weed the answer to a better world? All we can say is – our top 4 strains take us to all new heights! Ready to join us? Keep reading to learn more about Butter, the brand, and the Breeze team’s top 4 picks for our favorite Butter cannabis pre rolls and strains to try first! 


Better Weed, Butter World.


TBH, Butter, simply keeps it real. They highlight the fact that so many cultivators in the industry aspire to produce “craft” and that there will be an “elite” in any industry. Instead of striving for either of those titles – their mission is to put their head down, and get to work on cultivating the best possible expressions of strains that can work for anyone, and everyone. 


Which they help consumers achieve, with their unique “effects spectrum” on their website, for every strain they sell. 


All in all, Butter’s core philosophy is that plants, and people are better together. We couldn’t agree more, here at Breeze, hence our excitement to have their iconic yellow packages on our shelves! Want to experience the smoothness of Butter’s confidence in exceptional quality? We’ve got you,with our team’s favorite 4 strains and pre rolls to try. 


The Top 4 Butter Cannabis Strains to Try 


Now let’s get to the bread and butter of what you’re here for – the Butter pre rolls and cannabis you should try, first. Without further ado, here’s our picks! 


Butter Don Mega Pre Rolls


It’s not called Don Mega for nothing! Butter’s 10 pack of Don Mega pre-rolls command mad respect, in flavor and effects. A cross of Black Banana x GMO, offers consumers a unique, pungent, and quite funky aroma of old-school ammonia and indica-dominant effects. High in the terpenes of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene, the buzz is tranquilly blissful, and reserved for experienced consumers due to potency. 


Butter Landslide Jar 


If you crave the smoothness of purps, pick up a Butter Landslide Jar to satisfy the need! These frosty nugs pack a punch in aroma that ignites the senses as soon as you pop open the jar. The strain is a rare cross of Fleetwood Mac x Lava Cake (Tahoe Hydro Cut) which produces a strong, invigorating aroma of grapefruit that has a hint of classic gas. As for effects, Landslide is a go-to for days or nights where you’ll be extra social, as it boosts the mood with an uplifting buzz. 


Butter Happily Ever After Jar 


Butter delivers Happily Ever After indeed, with this jar of the unique strain, that’s a cross of 

Prom Queen x Wedding Pie. Breaking up the nugs you’re treated to whiffs of sweet cream that have undertones of gassy fuel, and hints of citrus and pine are left to linger on your tongue! Dynamic in flavor, and effects, Happily Ever After is a go-to hybrid for relaxing the mind of everyday stresses to help increase your focus.   


Butter Alien Cookie x Kush Mints #11 Pre Rolls 


Love the MAC strain? Then Butter’s Alien Cookie x Kush Mints #11 pre-rolls are a must-try! With MAC lineage, the hybrid cross surprisingly offers a fruity, mango flavor that has hints of cream undertones. The indica dominant hybrid is ideal for nighttime seshes with relaxing effects that still keep your mind bright for social situations. In fact the convenient 10 pack pre-roll pack is perfect for nights out, or lively game nights at home! 


Get Butter Cannabis at Breeze 

Is your mouth watering (or mind yearning) for Butter cannabis by now? Don’t worry – we’ve got you there, too! You can count on Breeze to have Butter’s smooth strain selections in stock, and simple to order with convenient online ordering for pick-up and delivery. Love a more personal experience? Stop in our Hazel Park store for help from our friendly team of cannabis specialists! 

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