Our Favorite 5 Live Resin Gummy Flavors from The 8th by White Boy Rick

Cannabis edibles have certainly evolved over the years. First, there were homemade brownies. Then, the legal market brought us a variety of gummies and treats. Today, there are more edible options than ever before – even with varying dosages, infusion types, flavors, consistencies, and beyond. 


One of the fastest rising trends in the edibles product category, comes from a rising trend in the concentrates arena. That being, live resin! 


Today, consumers are on the hunt for the purest, strain-specific types of effects, typically achievable via flower, and now available via edibles. Of course, Detroit’s very own White Boy Rick, is doing it best! So, if you’re looking for live resin gummies to try – where should you start? 


Keep reading for our ultimate guide to the Breeze team’s top 5 favorite live resin gummy flavors to try from The 8th by White Boy Rick!


What are Live Resin Gummies? 


If you’re unfamiliar with live resin, let’s learn what makes it unique to fully understand the difference it makes for premium gummies. Live resin refers to the extract of flower that’s been flash frozen upon harvest. That means, when the plants reach their height of maturity, rather than being dried and cured for smoking, they’re frozen immediately.


By freezing the material immediately, extractors have the ability to capture the plant’s maximum freshness. When terpenes and cannabinoids are at their highest levels, considering the drying and curing processes can degrade or alter them. 


For gummies, or edibles, that means you’re not only treated to a more profound experience with the combination of terpenes and cannabinoids from the entourage effect (where terpenes and cannabinoids amplify one another’s effects). But you can also be treated to strain-specific effects without having to inhale. 


To try Live Resin Gummies, The 8th by White Boy Rick has some of our favorite flavors and effects. Including a fast-acting nature, which helps avoid the long wait for edible effects to kick in. So without further ado, let’s get into our picks for our favorite flavors of Live Resin Gummies, from The 8th by White Boy Rick. 


The 8th by White Boy Rick Top 5 Live Resin Gummies 


First, and foremost, not only are the 8th by White Boy Rick gummies fast-acting, they’re also high-dosage packs too. Each pack contains a total of 200 MG of THC, broken into 10 gummies at 20 MG each! Now, to figure out which flavors to start with, here are our picks for our top 5 favorite live resin gummy flavors. 


Orange Creamsicle


Nothing screams summer like the tangy and creamy flavor combination of Orange Creamsicle. The 8th by White Boy Rick does it better than the rest, with an invigorating citrus flavor that leaves a lingering creamy vanilla taste on your tongue. 


Lemon and Lime 


Speaking of invigorating, our next pick is for a flavor that’s just as refreshing! The 8th by White Boy Rick’s Lemon and Lime Live Resin Gummies are reminiscent of your favorite sparkling citrus soda. Each bite ignites the senses, as you await the live resin effects to kick in and do the same! 




Sticking to the summer theme, Watermelon is one of our go-to choices year-round! There’s nothing more satisfying than the sweet, fresh flavors of watermelon. In fact, don’t forget each gummy packs a punch of potency, as you might find yourself wanting to go back for more. 


Apple Orchard


Switching seasons, our next favorite is 8th by White Boy Rick live resin gummy flavor is perfect for a Pure Michigan fall, with Apple Orchard. The sweet yet tangy taste of apples bursts from these delicious bites while offering well-balanced, mood-elevating effects. 




Last but not least, is a universal favorite flavor of ours for any gummy or candy – Grape. The 8th by White Boy Rick perfectly captures the tart, sweet, and sour flavors of grapes into a tasty, THC-fueled bite. 


Find The 8th by White Boy Rick at Breeze 


Whether you’re looking for The 8th by White Boy Rick flower, The 8th White Boy disposable vapes, or the brand’s live resin gummies – we’ve got you at the Breeze! It’s our mission to serve the Metro Detroit cannabis community with the widest selection of product types, and brands to enhance your plant wellness experience.


Shop these favorite flavors, and more, at Breeze in Hazel Park or Battle Creek! New customer? Don’t forget to sign up for our Club Breeze rewards to learn about all the freshest drops, the latest promotions, and to earn points with every purchase! 

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