Church Vape Pens Near Me: Our Top 6 Favorite Picks!

church vape pen near me

Cannabis consumers across Michigan are singing the praises of the Church Cannabis Company. The brand is well-known for its collection of Church cartridges, and now Church disposable vapes are becoming the holy grail for many.   So, are you ready to go to church and elevate the way you vape? Let’s learn more about the […]

Glo Farms Michigan: Where To Buy & Our Top 6 Flower Strains!

glo farms michigan

Unicorn Poop, Pink Pussy, and Purple Monkey Balls—things that make you go “hm”—or strains from Glo Farms Michigan? If you guessed the latter, you’d be correct! Glo Farms is quickly becoming notorious on the scene for its cheeky strain names (Porn Nug, are you kidding me?!), fun packaging, and even louder flower.    So, if […]

The Top 5 Best Live Resin Gummies in Michigan: Our Picks!

thc gummies in michigan

Gummies, chocolates, cheese balls, and popcorn…   …THC, CBD, CBN, and THCV.    Microdose, high dose, live rosin, and live resin…   …Are you getting the picture? There’s a wide range of Michigan cannabis edibles to choose from on the market today. Making it that much more confusing to decide which is right for you […]

The Top 6 Deeper Roots Live Resin Strains Near You 

deeper roots michigan

Let’s get real. Keeping up with dabbing routines can get pricy fast. But when your tolerance begs for potency or you desire the strains you love in a refined extract, a stoner’s got to do what a stoner’s got to do! That means shopping the wide selection of concentrates on the market today, including Deeper […]

Primitiv Cannabis: Our Top 6 Flower Strains to Try Near You 

primitiv cannabis

On the field and off the field, the Detroit Lions are elevating the spirits of the city and Metro Detroit area. Whether you’re a football fan or not, every Michigan cannabis consumer can appreciate good weed – and that’s just what two former Detroit Lions players are producing with their brand, Primitiv.    So, what’s […]

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