Primitiv Cannabis: Our Top 6 Flower Strains to Try Near You 

primitiv cannabis

On the field and off the field, the Detroit Lions are elevating the spirits of the city and Metro Detroit area. Whether you’re a football fan or not, every Michigan cannabis consumer can appreciate good weed – and that’s just what two former Detroit Lions players are producing with their brand, Primitiv. 


So, what’s Primitiv’s story, where can you find Primitiv cannabis, and what are the top strains to try for their quality flower first? Keep reading for a complete rundown and review of all things Primitiv, including our team’s favorite strains to turn to! 


Who is Primitiv? 


If you’re from Metro Detroit, it’s likely you’re familiar with who’s behind the cannabis brand, Primitiv. Calvin Johnson and Rob Sims, both former Detroit Lions players, entered the Michigan cannabis industry dedicated to compassionately serving medical marijuana patients and spreading the news on the plant’s beneficial effects for healing. 


Since launching the brand, Primitiv has quickly expanded beyond just flower, and into a variety of cannabis product categories, including – 


  • Primitiv Concentrates 
  • Primitiv Pre Rolls
  • Primitiv Performance – THC and CBD for recovery 
  • Turf Flower 
  • Turf Pre Rolls 
  • High Grade MI Gummies 


No matter the product, Primitiv carefully cultivates and curates its processes for the utmost quality. Ready to try flower, that’s Megatron approved? Keep reading for our team’s picks of the top 6 Primitiv flower strains to try first. 


Top 6 Primitiv Flower Strains to Try Near You 


Rest assured, you can count on Primitiv for quality flower with major bag appeal, pungent aromas, and flavorful hits. To help you choose which to start with, here’s the BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 strains. 


Primitiv Flower Pack – 18


18 is an OG Kush genetic that’s tried and true for well-balanced hybrid effects. We love Primitiv’s version for its robust flavors that have classic hints of diesel with tantalizing sour undertones. Effect-wise, we reserve 18 for nighttime use, as you’ll soon feel overcome with total bliss and its sedating effects, making it ideal for kicking back and relaxing. 


Primitiv Turf Pre-Roll – Wuuberry 


You can always rely on Primitiv Turf Pre-Rolls for a smooth, even burn and high levels of flavor. Wuuberry is one of our favorites, not only for its soothing hybrid effects but also for its craveworthy tastes. Not surprisingly, Wuuberry is chock-full of fruity and citrus flavors that have a hint of musk and spice. Keep in mind that Wuuberry can bring on a mad case of munchies with appetite-stimulating effects and will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted. 


Primitiv Turf Pre-Roll – Motor Milk


An elusive and exclusive strain, Motor Milk pays homage to the Motor City with its name but comes from a cross of Motorbreath 15 x Milkbone. It offers a light yet sweet flavor that tastes like sweet and nutty cookies. Primitiv’s goal is to serve the medical community, and this strain is well known for its calming and healing effects on pain, stress, and depression.  


Primitiv Flower Pack – Blueberry Muffin


Another sweet, creamy, and fruity selection, Blueberry Muffin is a robust option in aroma and flavor. You will initially catch the strain’s rich berry aromas before sweet vanilla undertones and a balanced earthiness finish it off. Its effects are just as alluring as those of an indica-dominant hybrid. It’ll soon have you feeling uplifted and relaxed with a calming, hazy high that has a slight energizing focus.  


Primitiv Flower Pack – Keylime Thai 


On the flip side, if you’re seeking an energizing social buzz, Keylime Thai by Primitiv Cannabis is for you. This nearly equal indica-sativa hybrid offers the best of both worlds, with an instant rush of happiness and a boost to your creativity, paired with soothing effects that relax the nerves. Of course, consumers beware; this strain will have you munching away too, with appetite-stimulating effects, even though it tastes like a fruity lime and apple dessert in and of itself. 


Primitiv Flower Pack – Peanut Butter Breath 


Finally, we couldn’t make a list of our favorite Primitiv flower packs without mentioning Peanut Butter Breath. Another nearly equal indica-sativa hybrid, we love Peanut Butter Breath for its long-lasting effects that are quite potent, too. The rare strain uplifts your mind almost immediately and sends an energizing rush through your body from head to toe. When it comes to taste, it, of course, has nutty flavors with an earthy and herbal undertone. 


Find Primitiv Near You at BREEZE 


From Calvin Johnson to White Boy Rick, we’re proud to have legendary Detroiters and their brands on our shelves at BREEZE. Side-by-side, you’ll find the most iconic national brands, too, making BREEZE your one-stop-shop for all things weed, with price points for every budget. 


Most importantly, at BREEZE, we strive to make keeping up with your plant wellness routines a breeze. That means conveniently shopping our current selection online for delivery or pickup and being conveniently located in Hazel Park for in-store shopping, too. 


Whether you plan on meeting our friendly canna specialists or shopping online, be sure to sign up for Club BREEZE to earn rewards with every purchase! Sign up now and start browsing these Primitiv strains and more at BREEZE. 

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