Glo Farms Michigan: Where To Buy & Our Top 6 Flower Strains!

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Unicorn Poop, Pink Pussy, and Purple Monkey Balls—things that make you go “hm”—or strains from Glo Farms Michigan? If you guessed the latter, you’d be correct! Glo Farms is quickly becoming notorious on the scene for its cheeky strain names (Porn Nug, are you kidding me?!), fun packaging, and even louder flower. 


So, if you’re looking for a new flower brand to try and you’re considering Glo Farm – you’re in the right place! Here, we’ll review our top Glo Farms Michigan strains (Glo Farms Unicorn Poop included!) and share why we love recommending them to the local cannabis community.


Keep reading to learn more about Glo Farms and to choose which Glo Farm strain you’ll try first.


The Top 6 Glo Farms Flower Strains 


Nestled in northern Michigan, you’ll find Glo Farms cultivating premium cannabis flower in the town of Kalkaska. Their rural roots have quickly spread throughout the state, reaching over 100 cannabis retail stores – including BREEZE. Metro Detroit loves Glo Farms for their off-the-wall strain names and uplifting nature – in branding and euphoric effects, of course. 


So, if you’re interested in joining the Glo Farms movement, this is the guide for you. Let’s get into our top 6 Glo Farm flower strains to add to your “must-try” list. 


Glo Farms Unicorn Poop

There’s nothing cuter than a unicorn pooping rainbows, amirite? Glo Farms Unicorn Poop is an immediate W based upon bag design alone. Inside that aesthetically pleasing packaging, you’ll find buds just as pretty and pungent. The strain, Unicorn Poop, is a cross of Sophisticated Lady x GMO Cookies for an explosion of flavors, including lemon, cherry, pine, earthiness, and underlying savory notes. As for effects, Glo Farm Unicorn Poop is just as bright and lively, and offers consumers a happy and giddy buzz.  


Glo Farms Ménage à Trois 

The name Ménage à Trois is as cheeky as it is accurate, considering the strain is a triple cross of legendary genetics. Even better? Glo Farms does the rare gene justice with its quality cultivation practices. Every bud bursts with its fragrant, fruity terpene profile, which has musky undertones on the exhale. The hybrid strain is well-balanced with mood-enhancing and euphoric effects while still being relaxing for the body and mind. 


Glo Farms Pink Pussy

Speaking of legendary genetics (and sexual innuendos!) Glo Farms Pink Pussy comes from the notorious OG Kush lineage. The indica-dominant hybrid is just as smooth and sensual as its name suggests, offering arousing effects ideal for nighttime (or date-time) use. Of course, it’s also equally relaxing and sedating for solo Netflix-n-chill types of nights. As for aroma and flavor, Glo Farms Pink Pussy is rich in sweet herbal and fruity citrus tastes that have hints of earthy woodiness. 


Glo Farms Purple Monkey Balls

The next strain to recommend from Glo Farms is Purple Monkey Balls (last sexual joke, we promise!). If you love purps – we cannot stress enough how much you have to try this variety! With an elusive lineage, the strain is said to come from Granddaddy Purps or Mendo Purps parents for its strong indica effects and robust purp-like flavors. Inside each bulbous bud, the strain is chock-full of grape and berry tastes that finish off with refreshing hints of pine. As a classic purp strain, it’s best reserved for nighttime use with comforting and sedating effects.


Glo Farms Superman Ice Cream 

Another highly sought after Glo Farms Michigan strain is one that pays homage to another Mitten State favorite – Superman Ice Cream. This cross of Superman x Ice Cream genetics (get it!) creates an all new fruity and creamy strain you’ll soon find yourself craving. Swing by your nearest grocery store to get some of the real Superman Ice Cream to double your pleasure and double your fun! With indica-dominant effects, Glo Farms Superman Ice Cream is ideal after-dinner, for a dessert-fueled buzz. 


Glo Farms Sticky Bobby 

Keeping up with the trend of fun strain names, we’ll finish our list of Glo Farms strains with none other than Sticky Bobby. A nod to Ricky Bobby, considering the strain is a cross of Race Fuel OG x Sticky Jack. This strain will have you feeling high up on the podium (‘cause if you’re not first, you’re last!) with its potent yet equally balanced hybrid effects. Its buzz rushes your head with a pleasant euphoria while washing the body of everyday aches and pains. Not surprisingly, Sticky Bobby offers consumers a loud fuel aroma that finishes off with hints of citrus and pine. 


The Final Word: Where to Buy Glo Farms Near You

If you’re seeking a unique flower experience with major bag appeal, Glo Farms is for you. The place to get it? Find Glo Farms Unicorn Poop, these strains, and others, all at BREEZE. Where we strive to make your plant wellness routines a breeze, with a wide selection of premium cannabis flower and products. 


Shop Glo Farms Michigan and other artisanal Michigan brands at BREEZE online for store pickup or delivery. Or head right into our convenient Hazel Park location to meet our friendly team of canna specialists in-store. Before you do, be sure to sign up for Club BREEZE to earn points with every purchase for future rewards and more! 

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