The Top 6 Deeper Roots Live Resin Strains Near You 

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Let’s get real. Keeping up with dabbing routines can get pricy fast. But when your tolerance begs for potency or you desire the strains you love in a refined extract, a stoner’s got to do what a stoner’s got to do! That means shopping the wide selection of concentrates on the market today, including Deeper Roots live resin. 


Deeper Roots Michigan has been a player in the cannabis space since the state’s medical program and has translated their reputation to the recreational market now, too. Ready to hear what makes the brand stand out from the crowd? Keep reading for a full Deeper Roots Michigan review and our picks for the top 6 Deeper Roots live resins to try first. 


The Roots of Deeper Roots Cannabis


Deeper Roots is a native Michigan brand that went from caregiver facilities to being licensed upon adult-use legalization. From the medical program to today, Deeper Roots has a reputation for offering the Michigan cannabis community quality products at a fair price. The brand focuses on “different tokes for different folks” by not only offering a wide range of genetics but also flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates for all consumption preferences. 


The best thing about Deeper Roots? It’s a budget-friendly way for consumers to achieve high levels of potency and quality—without the high costs! Especially when it comes to their Deeper Roots live resin. Live resin is a unique concentrate that’s specially extracted from “fresh, frozen” flower. That means, when harvesting, the flower material is immediately frozen to capture it at its peak of freshness. 


Want to give the affordable Deeper Roots live resin a try already? Let’s get into our favorite strains to start with! 


Our Top 6 Deeper Roots Live Resin 


Without further ado, here’s our BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 Deeper Roots live resin strains to put on your “must-try” list. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – Sour Dub


Our first choice for Deeper Roots live resins to try is none other than Sour Dub. Sour Dub is an elusive, hard-to-find strain that has energizing sativa-dominant effects for daytime use. Beyond feeling completely uplifted, we love the strain for its complex sweet flavor. First, you’ll taste its sour notes, which are complimented by hints of fruitiness and bubble gum, too. If you’re seeking a social dab sesh, this is the strain to choose and will have you feeling giggly and giddy in no time. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – Tres Leches 


What’s better than Tres Leches, the dessert? Tres Leches Deeper Roots live resin, which serves up an extra potent and flavorful high! Best reserved for nighttime, Tres Leches live resin from Deeper Roots cannabis is indica-dominant in its effects. After enjoying the dabs cake-like, sweet, and creamy flavors, you’ll soon fall into a haze-like coma that’ll have your body relaxed from head to toe. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – Iced Widow 


Another rare, exotic genetic we love from Deeper Roots Michigan is Iced Widow. One of the heaviest indicas on our list (90% indica/10% sativa), this pre-bedtime live resin will have you feeling completely blissful and at peace to count your sheep! The strain offers consumers long-lasting effects (med patients love!) and has a funky flavor profile of skunk, diesel, citrus, and pine to keep your senses guessing. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – Blackberry Kush


Blackberry Kush is another indica-dominant hybrid that’s sure to beat everyday stresses, one dab at a time. This Deeper Roots live resin is rich in robust berry flavors that have smooth and sweet undertones reminiscent of most Kush strains. It’s another strain that offers equally soothing mind and body highs and is perfect for kicking back and relaxing at night. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – Hardcore OG 


If you love the quick rush to the head type of buzz, Hardcore OG is definitely for you! With Blueberry lineage, Hardcore OG is just as pungent in aroma and taste as it is potent. It’s chock-full of berry and fruity flavors that have herbal hints of tea and sweet honey. Regarding effects, Hardcore OG is another variety that medical marijuana users adore for its capacity to calm the body and boost the mood. 


Deeper Roots Live Resin – GMO Cookies 


Last but not least is Deeper Roots Live Resin in GMO Cookies, a strain we can always count on! GMO Cookies, a.k.a. Garlic Cookies is the epitome of funky and fresh when it comes to flavor. This extract version highlights its unique diesel and garlic tastes that much more, for a truly extraordinary experience. Speaking of extraordinary, its effects are just as pleasing, with a euphoric high that completely relaxes that body, too. 


Find Deeper Roots Michigan at BREEZE 


Whether you’re searching for Deeper Roots live resin, Deeper Roots flower, or any of your other favorite brands, we’ve got you at BREEZE! Where we make elevating your wellness routines a breeze. From online ordering for pickup or delivery to the widest selection of products at the best price, it’s no wonder BREEZE is Hazel Park’s go-to neighborhood cannabis retail store. 


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