The Top 5 Best Live Resin Gummies in Michigan: Our Picks!

thc gummies in michigan

Gummies, chocolates, cheese balls, and popcorn…


…THC, CBD, CBN, and THCV. 


Microdose, high dose, live rosin, and live resin…


…Are you getting the picture? There’s a wide range of Michigan cannabis edibles to choose from on the market today. Making it that much more confusing to decide which is right for you or how they even differ. 


At Breeze – we’ve got you! It’s our mission to level up your wellness routines through education and the best selection of Michigan edibles. So, keep reading to learn more about the latest edible trend – live resin and live rosin gummies.


Plus, the best live resin gummies and live rosin gummies to try in Michigan, first! 


Why Choose Live Rosin and Live Resin for Michigan Edibles? 


Live rosin and live resin gummies are trending for good reason. They give consumers predictability in effects, being from single-source strains or flower material. In addition, live rosin and live rosin gummies are made with solventless extraction processes. 


Solventless extraction refers to the act of separating the plant’s precious oils from the flower or plant material without the use of solvents. For distillates, or live resin, solvent-based extraction processes are used. That means using a solvent like ethanol or butane to separate the plant’s oils for extraction purposes. 


For solventless, temperature (cold or hot) and pressure are used. This lends itself to any clean-weed preferences or those seeking more organic options for their wellness routines. No matter your reason, are you seeking the best live resin gummies and live rosin gummies in Michigan? You’re in the right place! 


Let’s get into our picks for the top 5 live resin and live rosin Michigan cannabis edibles to put on your must-try list. 


The Best Live Resin Gummies in Michigan – Top 5 to Try First! 


We love THC gummies in Michigan, especially those made with live resin and live rosin. One of the brands that does it the best? Kushy Punch! With a consistent selection of some of the best live resin gummies, you can always count on the brand for a flavorful and elevated experience. 


So, without further ado, here are our team’s picks for the top 5 best live resin gummies to try near you. 


Kushy Punch Live Rosin Gummies Tropical Diesel 


No need to take a 5+ hour flight to paradise…  Just snag a bag of Kushy Punch’s Live Rosin Gummies in Tropical Diesel. These live rosin (solventless!) gummies are infused with extract from the strain Tropical Diesel, with just as fruity flavors. The strain is a well-balanced hybrid (nearly 50% indica and 50% sativa) for all day treats, and every bite bursts with tropical tastes. 


Kushy Punch Live Rosin Gummies Berry Runtz


On the other side of the fruit spectrum, if you’re looking for robustly sweet berry flavors, these Kushy Punch Live Rosin Gummies in Berry Runtz are for you. This is another equally balanced hybrid gummy for all day, everyday use (if need be!) for consistent and reliable effects. As for flavor, it’s reminiscent of your favorite blue raspberry candies, so don’t forget they’re infused! 


Kushy Punch Live Resin Gummies Watermelon Peach


Whether you dig a taste of vacay, or a taste of summer, Kushy Punch has a flavor for you. We love this Watermelon Peach version for the hot daze of summer. Every chewy gummy bite oozes with sweet and refreshing watermelon, with underlying hints of even sweeter and smoother peach. Expect a long-lasting euphoria with an uplifted mood when it comes to effects. 


Kushy Punch Live Resin Gummies Lemonade 


Step right up to the lemonade stand for some good ol’ fashioned Lemonade gummies from Kushy Punch – infused with live resin! Get ready to pucker your lips with these invigorating and sour gummies that pack a punch when it comes to bright and lively citrus flavors. Not surprisingly, these gummies are sativa-dominant, making them optimal for a wake-and-bake treat or afternoon pick-me-up. 


Kushy Punch Live Rosin Gummies Grape Zkittlez


Finally, one of our final favs are the Kushy Punch live rosin gummies in Grape Zkittlez. The slightly indica dominant hybrid will wash away all your worries from the day with its mood-enhancing effects that leave you feeling equally relaxed and happy. It offers you the classic grape flavor you love, with the herbal earthiness of live rosin for an enchanting experience from first bite to finish. 


Finding THC Gummies in Michigan: At BREEZE! 


At Breeze, we don’t just carry the best live resin gummies, but the widest selection of varying types of gummies and edibles, too. We understand that much of the cannabis community prefers to avoid puff, puff, passing to experience cannabis effects. That’s why we carry a variety of edibles to suit those personalized plant wellness routines. 


With live resin and live rosin gummies, you can still achieve the plant’s synergistic effects from single-source flower, or original terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Hence, their popularity amongst medical and recreational consumers alike! 


Find these best live resin gummies at BREEZE, or shop our entire collection online for convenient pickup or delivery. Prefer to shop in person? Stop by and meet our friendly team of canna specialists! Before you do – don’t forget to sign up for Club BREEZE to earn rewards with every purchase, and follow BREEZE on Instagram for all the latest news and freshest drops. 

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